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Administrative Rules

The following are descriptions of the staff positions at BBN:DH.
Those players elected to the position of Storyteller (or "ST") bear the responsibility of running the affairs of the game, its sub-chronicle(s) and events. It is the duty of Storytellers to coordinate both the running of the game and any out-of-game needs or concerns of the game, in effect acting as a board of governors, in concert with any other staff positions. Candidates for Storyteller will be put forth by current ST Staff. Storytellers are elected by a Player Vote and are subject to a Vote of Confidence.
The Player Representative acts on behalf of the players in manners including, but not limited to, the following: inter-player mediation and presentation of player concerns to the Storyteller staff. The Player Representative is charged with maintaining the anonymity of any player who requests it while raising a concern or complaint about the staff, game or organization. The role of Player Representative is filled via Player Election, and is subject to a Vote of Confidence.
The Council Representative is charged with keeping abreast of the goings-on of any national umbrella or network organization to which the chronicle belongs, and with surveying the Storyteller Staff and/or Players as to opinions or concerns applicable to that network. The Council Representative is chosen by the members of the Storyteller staff; as such, the Council Rep is subject to a Vote of Confidence.
The Site Coordinator is responsible for: maintaining good relations with site owners and management, ensuring that any site fees are paid in a timely fashion, alerting the Storytellers to any Site Rules violations, seeking out new sites for game events, and publicizing the locations of game events (and directions thereto). The Site Coordinator is selected for and/or removed from the position by the Storyteller staff.
The Web Administrator is responsible for maintaining the organization's website/web pages. The Web Administrator is selected for and/or removed from the position by the Storyteller staff.
The Administrator maintains and audits the character folders and records of the game. The Administrator/Archivist is selected by Player Vote, and is subject to a Vote of Confidence.
Narrators are players who assist the Storyteller staff in a gameplay capacity, and are selected by the Storyteller staff.
At the Storytellers' discretion, some number of players may be named as Standing Narrators, with the following responsibilities during play: assist players with character creation or mundane rules questions, acclimate new players, assist with sign-in or general administrative tasks, running mundane scenes, running other scenes or embodiment of NPCs as directed by the Storyteller staff. The full powers of a Standing Narrator are at the discretion of the current Storyteller staff, and may vary with time. These Standing Narrators should be publicized so that the players have full knowledge of the resources available to them at each game event. In addition to being an extra player resource during gameplay, the pool of Standing Narrators is intended to serve as a preparatory stage for duty as a Storyteller, so that Narrators can become familiar with the current ST staff and the direction of the game.
At the Storytellers' discretion, players who are not Standing Narrators may be empowered with one or several abilities of a Standing Narrator for a limited period of time (for example, empowerment to run a particular scene, or assist an ST by embodying a particular NPC for a given purpose).
1.8.1. BBN:DH staff awards the following XP per month to a PC/PCs of the staffer: Storyteller: 8; Admin: 4; Web Designer: 4; Site Admin: 4; Council Rep: 4; Narrators: 1 per game they narrated a scene at.
1.8.2. The Player Representative position does not earn an XP reward.
1.8.3. Players with a character based in BBN:DH who have a staff position at another game may apply the award to their BBN:DH-based character ONLY if they are not claiming XP for the position at another game or on another character, or are splitting said XP between characters.
1.8.4. Staff XP may be applied to multiple characters as long as the total does not exceed the pay (ex. an ST could put 4 XP on two characters, or 8XP on 1.)
1.8.5. Staff XP is granted on the first of every month.
2.1 Votes of Confidence Will take place at the first game of May and November every year. If a player is unable attend and wishes to submit an absentee vote, it must be submitted to the Player Rep or STs by Midnight the night before the vote.
2.2 Players may request additional votes of confidence through the Player Rep. The Player Rep and current ST staff may call for a Vote of Confidence on any staff member at any time.
2.3 Only players with a character based at BBN:DH may participate in Votes of Confidence.
The Storytellers are, as a group, responsible for maintaining and making public any House Rules necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the game(s). House Rules are considered any supplemental rules or guidelines which govern the in-play aspect of the game(s). Any change to the House Rules requires a majority vote of the current Storyteller staff.
The organization shall keep its accrued funds securely in a lock box. The Storyteller staff has control over which staff members and/or players have access to game funds. Any single disbursement in excess of $150 requires a Player Vote previous to the disbursement. The Storyteller staff is responsible for issuing periodic reports to the game on the state of the game's finances.
Any special event managed by Baltimore by Night, or any sub-chronicle managed by Baltimore by Night, must be pre-approved for access to game resources by a General Vote. A sub-chronicle is subject to a further General Vote every six months to retain its place under the aegis of Baltimore by Night.**
All players and staff are charged with conducting themselves as responsible adults at game and/or organization functions, and acting in a restrained and civil manner at all times, in person and online. When a player or staff member acts in a fashion which violates the rules of the game and/or organization, it is imperative that the Storyteller staff react appropriately; this may include disciplinary action, as detailed below.
When an incident or accusation occurs, it is the duty of the Storyteller staff to assess the situation and, if necessary, investigate to seek corroboration. In most cases, it behooves the staff to speak directly to both the alleged offender and any offended parties, in order to get as much information as possible about the incident. That being said, there may be occasions when instant judgment is both necessary and reasonable (for example, a player physically or verbally attacking another player in the midst of gameplay). Usually, the Storyteller staff will discuss the matter in detail and make a ruling on the matter. The general recommended progression of disciplinary actions is as follows:
6.1.1. Warning - Any Storyteller may unilaterally issue a verbal or written warning to a player at any time. Generally a warning is just that - a "head's-up" that a certain action or pattern of behavior is inappropriate, to ensure that the player is aware of the violation or potential violation.
6.1.2. First Strike - The first Strike issued to a player is an indicator that the player has violated a rule, and should be careful in future. The Storytellers are strongly encouraged to counsel the player as to the nature of the violation and the reason(s) for the Disciplinary Action.
6.1.3. Second Strike, Third Strike - Further Strikes (up to three total) indicate further violations while the player still has previous Strikes on their record.
6.1.4. Suspension - When a player accumulates three Strikes, that player is suspended from all game activities for a time period of no less than six months, at which point the suspension is up for review.
6.1.5. Ban - A ban is far more serious than a suspension; the player is banned from all game activities for a time period set by the Storyteller staff (usually indefinitely).
6.1.6 Players should note that the above "progression" is not a ladder - a Strike can be given in certain cases without a Warning proceeding it, and in extreme cases multiple Strikes may be issued for a single offense. The Storyteller staff is urged to use caution in their disciplinary actions, but at the same time keep the best interests of the game as a whole in mind. The Storyteller staff must keep written record of all Disciplinary Actions issued. Disciplinary Action, once handed down, should be reviewed by the Storyteller staff after a period of six months. During a review, the staff looks over the violation(s) and punishments, and assesses whether it is proper at that time to remove a Strike (ie, have it "age off"), end a suspension, or have the punishment stand.
While any action or series of actions that the Storyteller staff feel is inappropriate may be addressed with Disciplinary Action, the following are the most commonly encountered.
Any action which willfully and/or flagrantly violates the rules for gameplay set down by the Storytellers. This would include actions commonly referred to as "cheating".
Any action, in person or on an email list in an out-of-character fashion, which is considered to be rude, violent, or otherwise beyond the limits of acceptable behavior.
Any action which falsifies gameplay documentation, including, but not limited to, Experience Tracking Sheets, Character Sheets, Item Cards, Attendance Cards, and the like.
Any activity outside the accepted bounds of a player's role within the organization; to include "metagaming" (the in-game use of knowledge not possessed in-character), "improper narration" (running a scene when not authorized to do so), and Storyteller/Staff Misfeasance or gross dereliction of duty.

7. Player Activity and Rights

7.1 Characters based in Baltimore by Night: Dark Harbor that have not been physically portrayed at a Baltimore game for more than three months will no longer be able to accrue automatic XP from OWbN positions (such as, but not limited to: Storyteller, Coordinator or Sub-coordinator).

7.2 Characters based in Baltimore by Night: Dark Harbor that have not been physically portrayed at a Baltimore game for more than three months are still considered Active Characters, and may be played while traveling, or in downtime scenes, and may earn XP for such participation at ST discretion.