In the late 1990s, Baltimore found its way to becoming a Camarilla domain in One World by Night, a worldwide organization of live-action role-playing based on White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade system. Originally, the chronicle was named Bay of Blood in honor of the Chesapeake Bay. With the changing times, the chronicle renamed itself Baltimore by Night: Dark Harbor (BbN:DH).

The first Prince, Anric Sebeatian Blackwell of Clan Ventrue, forged it through his own mechanizations and the strength of those that supported him. It was not the most flawless of starts, but Baltimore has had her share of character-building events before kindred took at least part of her helm.

In the past, many Princes have sat upon her throne. Many more have coveted it. Each clan has had a say in leading or even misleading her steps. However, as a city, Baltimore has survived conflicts with hunters, sect wars and other supernaturals. In some instances, she has even thrived.

BbN:DH meets alternating Saturday evenings. Players can earn up to 8 experiences points a month (5 for attendance and 3 bonus). Game fee is $5 and check-in starts at 7:00 PM.  Game ends at midnight. Rules are from Laws of the Night: Revised Edition. For more information please email bbnsts@googlegroups.com.

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Creative Commons image by Austin Kirk
Baltimore City Inner Harbor at Night - National Aquarium and Harvest Moon
Creative Commons image by Austin Kirk