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All Entries Since 1992

A list of all the companies that have entered since the Championship started in 1992.
This list is currently being updated with the First Yr entered. 
Note: also includes a couple of teams that Registered but didn't turn up on the day. These will be removed once I get to that specific year.

Company Name CountryCode FirstYear Entered
2nd Alton    
1st Barnet    
2nd Basildon    
2nd Basingstoke    
3rd Basingstoke    
6th Basingstoke    
1st Bedford   1992
2nd Bedford    
3rd Bedford   1992
4th Bedford   1993
39th Birmingham    
68th Birmingham    
1st Bletchley    
2nd Bovey Tracey    
2nd Bracknell   2011
4th Bradford    
21st Bristol    
7th Bristol    
1st Brixham    
2nd Bromsgrove    
2nd Broxburn SCO  
2nd Burgess Hill   2011
1st Burnley    
5th Burnley    
1st Caerphilly WAL  
12th Cardiff WAL 1992
1st Cheam    
2nd Chelmsford    
3rd Chelmsford    
7th Chelmsford    
1st Chesham   1992
1st Cheslyn Hay   1992
1st Church    
3rd Clacton    
2nd Colne    
2nd Consett    
2nd Croxley Green    
11th Croydon    
5th Croydon    
6th Croydon    
1st Denton    
7th Doncaster    
1st Downham Market    
9th Edinburgh SCO  
10th Enfield    
11th Enfield    
12th Enfield    
16th Enfield    
2nd Enfield    
5th Exeter    
2nd Fleet    
1st Flitwick    
1st Friern Barnet    
167th Glasgow SCO  
5th Gloucester    
7th Gloucester   2010
8th Gloucester    
1st Goodrington    
1st Gracehill NI  
7th Grimsby    
1st Guildford    
1st Halesowen    
18th Halifax    
4th Halifax    
1st Harlington    
2nd Harlow    
2nd Haydock    
3rd Hemel Hempstead    
6th Hemel Hempstead    
1st High Wycombe    
1st Hillingdon    
2nd Horley   1992
24th Hull    
21st Ipswich    
1st Kempston   1992
1st Kidlington    
1st Kings Sutton   1993
11th Kingston & Merton    
14th Kingston & Merton    
1st Lincoln   2011
5th Lincoln    
2nd Llanilltud Fawr WAL  
2nd Llantwitt Major WAL  
70th London    
1st Loughborough   1992
15th Luton    
20th Luton    
23rd Luton   1993
3rd Lytham St Annes    
1st Maidstone   1993
53rd Manchester    
4th Mid Suffolk    
10th Mid Surrey    
4th Mid Surrey    
1st Minster   1992
8th Newport WAL 1992
1st Newport Pagnell    
6th North Staffs    
10th North Suffolk    
11th North Suffolk    
5th North Surrey   1992
2nd North West Durham    
11th Northampton    
24th Northampton    
6th Northampton    
7th Northampton    
17th Nottingham    
21st Nottingham    
25th Nottingham    
32nd Nottingham   1993
37th Nottingham   1992
39th Nottingham    
1st Oadby   1992
No Opponent    
2nd Paignton    
14th Paisley SCO  
1st Penarth WAL  
4th Peterborough    
1st Polesworth   1993
1st Redditch    
2nd Ruislip    
1st Saffron Walden   1993
20th South East Essex    
3rd South East Essex    
7th South East Essex    
9th South East Essex    
1st South Woodham Ferrers    
13th Southampton    
4th Southampton   1992
1st Southend    
9th Southend on Sea    
7th Southport    
9th Southport    
1st Southwick    
1st St. Albans   1992
3rd St. Albans    
1st St. Neots    
4th Stafford    
1st Stanmore    
North Suffolk Battalion    
4th Sutton    
5th Swansea    
4th Swindon    
1st Tamworth    
1st Thame    
2nd Tunbridge    
3rd Wallasey    
1st Walton-on-Naze    
14th West Bromwich    
3rd West Bromwich    
5th West Bromwich   1992
14th West Kent    
6th West Kent    
20th Wigan    
2nd Wigan    
1st Witney    
3rd Wolverhampton   2010
9th Wolverhampton   1993