The Burgenland Bunch (Midwest) is an association of descendants of Austro-Hungarians who immigrated to the United States. Many of those immigrants settled in McLeod, Ramsey, Stearns, Anoka and Morrison Counties in Minnesota, and Marshall and Day Counties in South Dakota. Other groups settled in Mandan North Dakota, St. Joseph County Indiana, Douglas County Nebraska; Rawlins County Kansas and Palo Alto County Iowa. 

We are primarily a genealogical research group, but many members have a deep interest in the history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its successor nations. An important question yet to be answered concerns the origin of the Germans who settled in the Western Hungarian region.

St. Paul Minnesota was the primary destination for many Burgenlanders. The Catholic Parishes of The Assumption, St. Francis de Sales, Saint Bernard's and St. Agnes served their spiritual needs. Baptism, Marriage, School and Death Records found in these parishes are a treasure trove of their early history in St. Paul.

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The Burgenland Bunch (Midwest) is an affiliate of the Burgenland Bunch, an international association of Burgenlander descendants. We are also an affiliate of the German Genealogical Society of Minnesota.

Burgenland Bunch Homepage:  www.the-burgenland-bunch.org