Calanques, France

Our main goal this month: learn/ review how to introduce ourselves in French, discover France, learn sounds and vocabulary words that will be used in the class on daily basis. We will also learn the school materials, the weather, the days and the numbers from 1-31 recognize (to be able to say their birthday and the date). I will also introduce art and the projects we will be working on. 


MONDAY 9/17:

Be able to understand and name in French more school material in their school bag (part 2). 


Be able to recognize and use properly the color adjectives in French. 


Culture : Can you understand the word "collage" and make one like the painter Matisse? The students will listen to a presentation about the painter Matisse and make a paper collage like him.


Be able to understand and say the numbers from 1 to 31 in order to say the dates and their birthday in French. 


Computer lab to work on our project : learning how to make a PowerPoint document