Riquewihr, village of France

Our main goals this month: speaking more in French through various dialogues and reading short texts. We will learn how to read a schedule in French while we study the vocabulary words related to school subjects. Then, we will review sports and activities. Finally, we will continue the PowerPoint documents projects  on French cities.  


MONDAY 11/26:

Lesson on recycling : why? how? What? 

TUESDAY 11/27:

DARE lesson with officer Mandy Falcon


Art and culture : Can you describe and draw the French famous library "Pompidou" ? The students will discover the famous library/museum the president Pompidou built for Parisians through a PowerPoint presentation in French. They will be able to compare it with a similar place in US. 


The students will complete various activities in class to practice speaking skills in French.

FRIDAY 11/30

Computer lab to work on our project : last project on French cities