6th GRADE SCIENCE            




Welcome to the new school year!! This year there are many changes going on in science.  Students will now be following the new standards that has been set in place by the Louisiana's Department of Education.  They will be learning a little of physical, life, earth, and environmental science.  This will better prepare them for their high school science courses.  I am really excited about this change as there is a focus on science PHENOMENAS!  To clarify what is a phenomena, the Solar Eclipse that happened last year on August 21st is a phenomena.  Not only will they be focusing on core ideas of a particular phenomena but they will be applying science and engineering practices as well as cross cutting concepts throughout grade levels and different other core subjects.  We are in a transitional phase with science so it will be a learning process for both your child and myself.  Let's make it a great year!!!  

 IMPORTANT:  Students should always be prepared for class every day by having their  science lab journal ready.  That is the only thing they will be using for science class.  They will be completing everything in their notebooks.  They should have a three pronged folder that will be used for their journal.  If a student does not have one, I will provide them with one.  All lab activities and extensions to their lesson (homework) will be completed in their Science Lab Journal.  All of their notes and other worksheets will also be a part of the lab journal.  When it is time for students to study for a test, their journal will contain everything in it that they will need to assist them in their studying.  As we approach a unit test, I will provide students with a study guide as I want to make sure everyone understands the concepts being learned.   I will collect all packs of graphing paper and hand out to students as needed.  

***Due to the new Science Standards, there is no 6th grade textbook published for the new standards yet.  When students need the use of a textbook, they will be using the old 6th, 7th, and 8th grades interactive textbooks in class only.  Since we do not know when new textbooks will be developed, we will be using a class set of textbooks from each grade level, therefore, no one will be able to check out any Science textbooks as we have to make the ones we have last until we get new ones, in which we have no clue as to when that will be.  

**Students will be annotating notes from their readings as well as using their lab journals for studying and will get a copy of my power points as a study guide after we have finished going through the content.  For those students who would like to keep up with their studies throughout the unit, here are two helpful sites that can assist them with their studies:

Pete's Powerpoint Station - http://www.pppst.com/science.html

Science Spot Kid Zone - http://sciencespot.net/Pages/kidzone.html



***It is the responsibility of all students to keep up their science lab notebooks.  

If there is something they did not finish completing during class such as a graph, an explanation or justification, or an extension or reflection of their lab, then they have been told they are to complete it for homework.  These science lab notebooks will be graded at the end of each 9 weeks period.  ****STUDENTS SHOULD BE USING WHAT THEY ENTER IN THEIR SCIENCE LAB JOURNALS AS A STUDY TOOL UNTIL THEY GET THEIR NOTES WHICH IS WHY IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THEY COMPLETE THESE ENTRIES!!!  When I show a Bill Nye video on content, they are always given a guided questionnaire that is an entry in the journal.  This guided questionnaire is basically another study guide that should assist them in their studying of the content.

***Students will also have 2 science related CURRENT EVENTS to turn in each 9 weeks.  I will post due dates throughout the year so make sure to check when they are due as these are also graded.  Information on what is required for their current event as well as suggestions for resources will be provided to your child the first week of school.  They will put this in their science lab journals so they will never forget how to do their current event.  

***IMPORTANT:  We will be starting a unit on Sound and will be piloting a second OpenScied program for the state.  This unit again will be fast paced and everything students will need for this unit will be logged into their science journals and on their model trackers for the unit.  It is important that students do not miss class as it is going to be hard for them to catch up.  The model tracker is basically going to be their notes as well as anything that they enter into their logs.  If a student has to miss school, they will need to get with a peer in order to get anything that they may have missed as there are no study guides or worksheets for this unit.  

**Even though my name has changed, my school email is still sleblanc@mylpsd.com.

**District Assessment test for Unit 4 - Sound will be next Wednesday and Thursday!!!


Monday, 12/10:

Today students will continue to investigate how sound can travel through all states of matter and need particles to produce sound.


Study daily!!  District Assessment for this unit will be next Wednesday and Thursday.

Tuesday, 12/11:

Developing of models on how sound travels through particles is the topic of today's lesson.           


Study daily!!  District Assessment for this unit will be next Wednesday and Thursday.


Wednesday, 12/12:

Today students will be viewing a video on visualizing the movement of sound in a medium.  


Study daily!!   District Assessment for this unit will be next Wednesday and Thursday.


Thursday, 12/13:

Students will be exploring how particles of objects producing sound can collide with particles nearby and make other objects move.


Study daily!!   District Assessment for this unit will be next Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday, 12/14:

Investigating waves of loud amplitude and high frequencies and how they cause objects to move is the topic of today's lesson.


Study daily!!   District Assessment for this unit will be next Wednesday and Thursday.  



Monday, 12/3:

Today students will continue with properties of sound and will complete a foldable.  **If any groups finish early, those students will be given the remainder time in class to complete their current event if they have not done so already.


Study daily!!  Mid-way assessment on sound will be Thursday, 11/6.  CURRENT EVENT DUE TOMORROW!!!!

Tuesday, 12/4:

Exploring two instruments, music boxes, and lengths of objects as they produce sound and graphing the properties of the sounds they make is the topic of today's lesson.            


Study daily!!  Mid-way assessment on sound will be Thursday, 11/6.  CURRENT EVENT IS DUE TODAY!!!!!


 Wednesday, 12/5:

Today students will explore tuning forks and create a demonstration to show the movement of the sound waves, graph the properties, and then present their demonstrations.  




Thursday, 12/6:

Students will complete a short assessment for Lesson 7 which was a lesson that brought together everything they learned so far from Lessons 2 to 6 on Sound.


Study daily!!    

Friday, 12/7:

The focus for today's lesson is on how sound travels and as to whether all sounds needs air to travel.


Study daily!!