Exploratory Ag/Ag I

Monday, 5/7/18 - Friday, 5/11/18
Wood Projects in the Shop

Wood Project MUST be finished by Mon. 5/21/18

"Premier Leadership, Personal Growth, & Career Success"

2018-2019 Officers

President - Alaina Lyons
V. President - Kristian Liner
Secretary - Gracie Bourg
Reporter - Dominic Hines
Treasurer - Shanietra Curtis
Sentinel - Hilari Theriot

Upcoming events:
1. ALL officers/members who are attending the FFA State Convention MUST be at CLHS front parking lot on Monday, June 4th at 7:00am. You MUST be in official dress. Don't forget to bring your money for food & sovereigns. 

Family & Consumer Science (FACS)

Monday, 5/7/18 - Friday, 5/11/18
Sewing Projects

ALL 3 sewing project MUST be finished by Tues. 5/22/18