Exploratory Ag/Ag I

Monday, 12/4/17
Forestry Products

Tuesday, 12/5/17:
Forestry in Louisiana 

Wednesday, 12/6/17 - Friday, 12/8/17:
Alternate schedule 

Current Event due Tues. Dec. 5th

2017-2018 Officers

President - Gabrielle Parks
V. President - Mallory Luke
Jr. Vice President - Dominic Hines
Secretary - Alexis Bergeron
Reporter - Steven Malbrough Jr.
Treasurer - Hilari Theriot
Parliamentarian - Kristian Liner
Historian - Faith Billiot
Sentinel - Alaina Lyons

Upcoming events:

1. Horse Judging practice - every Monday & Tuesday until 3:30. Contest is Dec. 6th.
Students are to meet at CLHS front parking lot on Wednesday, Dec. 6 at 6:00am. Wear jeans & officer shirt. Bring $ for food. 

2. Speaking practice - every Wedn. until 3:30. Contest is Dec. 12th.

3. Creed practice - every Thurs. until 3:30. Contest is Dec. 12th.

****If anyone still have meat sticks or money, please bring it to school and turn it in to Ms. D. 
We will be receiving more meat sticks in about a week. Flavors will include Sweet BBQ, Hot BBQ, Old #9, Pepperoni, and Cajun.  

Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS)

Monday, 12/4/17 & Tuesday, 12/5/17:
Sewing pillows

Wednesday, 12/6/17 - Friday, 12/8/17:
Alternate schedule

Current Event due Tues. Dec. 5th
Pillows complete by Tues. Dec. 5th