Week of Nov. 26 - 30

Monday, Nov. 26 - 
  • Kid Biz
Tuesday, Nov. 27 -
  • New Material - Test attentively December 12-13, 2018
  • Students will analyze a map of North America 1762-1783 and compare it to a map from the 1500's.  Students will answer questions using maps. 

Wednesday - Nov. 28 -
  • Students will describe Spanish conquests in the Americas including the impact of the Aztecs, Incas, and other indigenous people.
  • Watch "The Pilgrims: Natives relationship to the Land."  
Thursday, Nov. 29 -
  • Continue from yesterday.  Students will study Moctezuma and Cortes.  Students will read and discuss similarities and differences between the Inca and Aztec empires and their conquest.

Friday, Nov. 30-
  • Students will evaluate different perspectives on the interaction between the European explorers and the Native Americans.  They will read a letter written by Columbus and answer questions.

Week of Nov. 12-16

Monday, Nov. 12 - 
  • Studies weekly:  "The Columbian Exchange"
Tuesday, Nov. 13 -
  • Practice the Extended Response for test.

Wednesday - Nov. 14 -
  • Complete Test.  Students should be studying bell work!  Those are on the test.
Thursday, Nov. 15 -
  • Finish test if not done so.

Friday, Nov. 16-
  • Kid Biz - Have a great holiday :)