Monday, November 12
Reading: Test 9
Spelling: Test
Language: Test

Tuesday, November 13
Reading: Lesson 10 study guide/Vocabulary Power Point Project
Language: Quotation marks
Spelling: New word sort

Wednesday, November 14
Reading: Read, "Cougars"/pair graded packet
Spelling: Spelling City/practice test 
Language: Using quotations/WS 1 and 2

Thursday, November 15
Reading: paired graded packet
Spelling: Practice Test
Language: Edit quotations/ WS 3

Friday, November 16
We will complete several Thanksgiving activities. Students will complete any work they missed and/or makeup tests.
We will have a Language and Spelling test.


We will have our first reading book project. Students are to select a Non-fiction book of their choice. 
The project will be due, December 19th. We will have some class time to work on this project.
  • Use a 1/4 sheet of poster or a manila file folder
  • On the front: title, author, 4 pictures (drawn or printed)
  • On the back: KWL chart (student have handout /rubric), 5 or more vocabulary words, 5 interesting facts. 
Students have received a copy of the rubric that will be used. They are to turn in the rubric along with their project. 

Monday, November 5
Reading: finish test 8/ Vocabulary and new study guide for story 9, "Storm Warrior"
Spelling: New word list/WB page 100 and 101
Language: reading test completion

Tuesday, November 6
Reading: Read new story, "Storm Warriors"/Greek and Latin Prefixes (handout)/notes in notebook
Spelling: practice pre-test
Language: correlative conjunctions/notes/handout

Wednesday, November 7
Reading: drawing conclusions/notes
Spelling: partner study
Language: complex sentence review

Thursday, November 8
Reading: point of view/notes/handout
Spelling: spelling city
Language: conjunction review

Friday, November 9
Reading: PCR development
Spelling: test
Language test 

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Nov 13, 2018, 12:34 PM