1. Keep a journal of what is going on in your life right now. This is living history! This will be a story that you tell future generations. 

2. Research all of the body systems. Use the project in this google folder ( create a model of the human body that shows how the different body systems interact with each other at different parts of the body.

3. Check out my youtube library of videos we have watched in class and some bonus videos. These will help with some of the activities in the google folder:

4. Check out some of my favorite YouTube Channels: Ameoba Sisters, Crash Course for kids, Crash Course, Veritasium.

5. Take pictures of "Real Science" happening around your home. Email them to me at and I'll post them so our homeroom app. If you haven't joined, email me that too and I'll send you an invitation.

6. I've added some activity packets in the google folder linked above. Some are reviews and some are future content if you would like something to keep your brain working.

9. Go on a home safari with the Cincinnati Zoo. My family has really enjoyed these. They post a new one each day!

10. Visit to play science based games. Make yourself an account and play the courses I've assigned. My teacher code is MARTIN2442. 

Most importantly, keep your family and yourself safe. Enjoy this extra time with your families and make it meaningful. I promise we will solve M'Kenna's case when we return!

                                                                                                See you soon!
                                                                                                Mrs. Martin

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WEEK OF 3/9/20-3/13/20

Eliminating a diagnosis for M'Kenna using evidence.
 TUESDAYStudents will work on major vocabulary for the unit, create a word map of how the body is a system, and zoom in to the small intestines using a simulation. 
 WEDNESDAYUse evidence to write a CER response to prove what is happening in M'Kenna's small intestines. 
 THURSDAY   Students will identify patterns in M'Kenna's weight and analyze an article about burning fat. 
 FRIDAYBurning fat investigation
District Assessment-3/24

**Daily class activities are compiled as an interactive notebook. All activities are items to be studied are to be turned in at the end of the unit for a GRADE!