Thursday, November 30 - Due to Illness, this test was rescheduled

Monday, December 4

 Reading (90 minutes) –  (Test will be on computer for the first time.)

Literary Analysis Task

Unit 3 Lesson 11

Anchor Text:

“Dangerous Crossings”

Focus Skills

CCSS Rl.5. Cause and Effect

CCSS RL.5.7 Visual Effect

Tuesday, December 5

Reading (60m) –

TF – Story time. 

TM – The teacher will read “A Taxing Poem” and discuss the vocabulary words used inside.

GP – Have a class discussion about the use and meaning of these words using the new study guide.

IP – Create vocabulary cards with the new vocabulary.

CL – Share sentences created in the vocabulary cards.

Grammar (45m)–

Introduction to present and past tense: Projectable 12.4, workbook page 175

Spelling (15m) –

Introduce the new spelling words on page 172 of the workbook by saying them three times each.  Use the spelling words to complete the sentences.

Wednesday, December 6

Reading (60 minutes) –

TF – Picture walk, predictions, essential question on page 359.

TM – Set the purpose of reading to target cause and effect relationships.

GP – Read pages 30-363 aloud.  Discuss text questions as the class reads. Discuss what a figurative language is and how it effects the information.

IP – Read page 364-365. Using projectable 12.2, have the students create a T-Map with facts and opinions.
CL –
Select a random student to explain facts and opinions


Grammar (45m)–
Future tense, projectable 12.5, workbook page 176

Spelling (15m) –

Sort the spelling words page 173

Thursday, December 7

Reading (60 minutes) –

TF –  Discuss the happenings in the story from the previous day.

TM – Today is a continuation of using facts and opinions to support particular text. We are also going to include tone. (Definition on page 371)

GP –  Read page 366-367.  Analyze the text for tone.

IP – Read pages 369 with a partner.  Based on the information in the selection, how would you describe king George to someone who had never heard of him? Use facts, opinions, and tone to explain your answer.
CL –
Select a random student to discuss how facts and opinions effect the story.


Grammar (45m)–

Consistent Tenses, projectable 12.6, workbook page 177

Spelling (15m) –

Say-spell-say the spelling words, then proofread for Spelling page 174.

Friday, December 8

Reading (60 minutes) –

TF –  Have a vocabulary discussion using the questions on page T113.

TM – Review the steps to unpaking the PCR

GP – Unpack the PCR

IP – With a partner, begin brainstorming to explain how the author of “Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George” views King George’s decisions and how the author of “Tea Time” views the Boston Tea Party.  Cite evidence from both articles to support your response.
CL –
Randomly select students to read their response and give feedback.


Grammar (45m)–


Spelling (15m) –


Monday, December 11

Reading (90 minutes) –

Research Simulation Task

Unit 3 Lesson 12

Anchor Text:

“Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George”

Focus Skills

CCSS RI.5.8 Fact and Opinion

CCSS RI.5.4 Tone

CCSS L.5.5a Figurative Language

CCSS RI.5.9 Integrate Information