Early Finishers: After each test, early finisher work is provided. They are always due the next week, and they are always picked up and graded. At the end of each 9 weeks, these grades are averaged to one major grade. 
Any early finisher assignments not turned in will be a "F." 

TASKS: TASKS are given on most weeks that a regular test is not scheduled. Every TASK is completed in class, picked up, and graded. TASK grades are also averaged to one major grade for each 9 weeks. 

Absent Students: Any work that a student misses due to an absence is expected 
to be completed. This includes classwork, early finishers, TASKS, etc.

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Current Week

Monday: December 11

Lesson 25

Tuesday: December 12

Lesson 26

Wednesday: December 13

Lesson 27-28

Thursday: December 14

Lesson 29


Friday: December 15
Module 1 Topic A-D Assessment

Last Week

Monday: December 4

Lesson 23

Tuesday: December 5

Review for Test (Module 1 Topics A - C)

Wednesday: December 6 

Module 1 Topics A - C Test
Early Finisher Due Next Week 

Thursday: December 7

Lesson 24

Friday: December 8

Lesson 25

Module 1 Teacher Edition: Click the link below! 

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