****  My email is jnavarre@mylpsd.com   ******   The one on the left of the page is an old email  My planning is 1030 - 1130 also.

Movies and documentaries that might be of concern.  Keep in mind that the following is only for fun and should only be watched with parent or guardian approval!!! Armageddon, Apollo 13, Gravity, san andreas, trouble with the curve, money ball, cosmic voyage, october sky, the long way, rain man, green mile, the barkley marathons, bitcoin, dirty money, unbranded, the experimenter, voyager, slingshot, star talk.  

I have added a project list at the bottom of the page.  The Fourth nine weeks projects are due by Friday before grades are due for the 4th 9 weeks.  If your student has not turned it in by that Friday it will not be accepted.  They were given the assignment on the first day of school.  They can turn it in anytime they wish.

3-19  3-23  Monday we will finish our 5th Unit and then begin our 6th unit on weather.  Tuesday will be the introduction followed the rest of the week by individual concepts and ideas that bring about our planets weather.  

2-26  3-2  This week we will finish our test on Monday and review it on Tuesday.  Wed-Friday we will begin Unit 5 Embryonic similarities.  Notes and videos will assist us in our understanding on those three days.  We will again start having our vocabulary test on Friday.  The words will be distributed Monday and will be placed on the board in front of the room for students to copy.  

2-19  2-23  This week we will be working on geologic time scale and reviewing our chapter test from before the break.  Towards the end of the week we will be preparing for our unit 4 biodiversity test.  

1-30  2-2  We will begin unit 4 biodiversity.  We will complete an activity Tue and Wed, then work on how to develop the theory of change based on evidence on Thur. and Fri.

1-22   1-26   Test on Unit 3 given at the beginning of the week.  Thur. and Friday we will begin the Unit on bioevolution (Unit 4).  We will have a vocabulary test on Friday.  Students will be given a vocabulary worksheet and the first 10 off the worksheet will be on the test.

1-11  1-19  No voc. test for this week, but we will have unit 3 on Tuesday.  Unit 4 on bioevolution will start on Wed.  Most of the information given for this unit will be in note or worksheet form.  

1-8   1-11  Vocabulary test will be Thursday.  The words are on my board.  We will complete human impacts on Monday, natural disasters on Tuesday.  weather on Wed. and Thur.  

1-16  1-19  We will review on Tuesday and take a test on Wed.  Thur and Friday we will work on our projects.   

1-3   1-5     We will being attempting to stay warm!  During class we will start Wed. by reviewing what we have learned and looking at event's that are upcoming in 2018. Thursday and Friday will be used to dive back into our Unit 3 specifically discussing human involvement in our environments. 

12-11   12-15   After missing Friday we will complete the Friday assignment Monday and continue to look at evolution and extinction.  We should be able to test on Thursday or Friday of this week.  The test will cover a couple of weeks worth of information, but we will review the day before the test. 

12-4  12-8   This week we will dive into Unit 3.  Its' called Earth's History.  We will start by reviewing geologic time scale and fossil records.  This will bring us to extinction and evolution.  We should have a test next week around Tuesday or Wednesday.  

11-27  12-1   We will take an open book test on Monday.  This will not be graded as a test, but students will be held accountable.  Tuesday we will review the test and the concept of weathering and erosion.  Wednesday we will review all information we covered in the past and on Thursday and Friday I will be out.  Students will be given a collective test of all material covered from the beginning of the year and be able to use notes and book to find the answers.  I'm not sure yet if we will have a sub for both days or at all.  Either way the assignment will be adjusted accordingly.  No vocabulary test this week.

11-13  11-17  Monday and Tuesday we will be building models.  Wed. we will take a test and Thur and Fri we will try to watch a video on plate techtonics.  We will have a vocabulary test on Friday.  Students will have to get the words from the board.  The words are on the board as of Monday 11-13

11-6  11-10  We will continue our unit 2 test on Monday followed by last weeks voc. test on Tuesday and the beginning of our atoms unit.  Atoms will take us through to thanksgiving.  We will start with the basics of an atom continued with the periodic table, and then combining the atoms to form simple molecules.  

10-30  11-3  On Monday there will be our weekly voc. test.  We will have another on Friday.  Subduction, core, convection currents, sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock, igneous rock, Pangea, absolute dating, relative dating, and petrified will be on the test.  We will also have a chapter test on the same information either Thursday or Friday depending on how long it takes the students to complete their projects.  The project is to be done in class but can be found at the bottom of this page.  



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