This week in Mr. Navarre's Class:

We will continue to develop how an organism might evolve by looking at how we measure the age of fossils.  We will get into the law of superposition and see how we use it to develop age based on comparisons between various organisms. 
If the students understand relative dating we will move into absolute dating which is the calculation of age based on the radioactive decay of radioactive isotopes. This will be done by using book pages and worksheets to walk the students through the concepts.  We will need a few days for explanation and practice.   The skill may take a couple of days to master.  At this point I imagine it will take at least through Thursday.  
We will have a vocabulary test and then perhaps a small chapter test on calculating age.  The vocabulary are as follows:  Independent and dependent variables, evolution, habitat, resources, extinction, ecosystem, relative and absolute dating, and law of superposition. 

12-9 and 12-10
We are reviewing for the third unit test

We will watch Gravity while awaiting the completion of the unit 3 test

We will take the unit 3 test

We will continue the unit 3 test if needed and move back to Gravity when completed.

12-16 through 12-20
We will be reviewing the years information to ensure we have a firm grasp on the concepts and potentially watching the movie martian to further reinforce natural resources and Earth's processes which should be similar on mars based on uniformity.  

We will look at two resources and the mixture of them to see that links can occur.  We will then work to understand crosslinking of two items.

We will decipher between endo and exothermic reactions using various chemicals

We will review and take needed notes to prepare for a small test which will be given on Thursday. 

We will take a small test on past information as well as information we have received on Unit 3 Energy and Matter

We will begin to look at building a solar cooker and using the suns energy to make things hot. 

MONDAY 11/11/19:
Intro to synthetic vs natural products.  Notes and project explanation.  

TUESDAY 11/12/19:
Project presentation

WEDNESDAY 11/13/19:
Unit test review.  Students will be re-taking their unit tests with notes and internet access

THURSDAY 11/14/19:
We will continue working on the unit tests.  

FRIDAY 11/15/19:  
We will finish up on our unit test.