Movies and documentaries that might be of concern.  Keep in mind that the following is only for fun and should only be watched with parent or guardian approval!!! Armageddon, Apollo 13, Gravity, san andreas, trouble with the curve, money ball, cosmic voyage, october sky, the long way, rain man, green mile, the barkley marathons, bitcoin, dirty money, unbranded, the experimenter, voyager, slingshot, star talk.  Netflix is constantly adding new documentaries that can add to this list.  The ultimate battery is an example.  

I have added a project list at the bottom of the page.  The First nine weeks projects are due by Friday before grades are due for the 1st 9 weeks.  If your student has not turned it in by that Friday it will not be accepted.  They are given the assignment on the first day of school.  They can turn it in anytime they wish.  It doesn't have to be turned in on the last day.  Everyday is an acceptable time to turn it in.

This years curriculum will be guided by class discussions and investigations led by the students and guided by the teacher.  

2-4   2-8  Unit assessment for Natural Disasters Unit will be completed on Monday.  Tuesday will be the start of the Thermal unit where I will be guiding the students on a cup making exercise to determine how some cups are better than others at maintaining a temperature of the beverage it holds.  I will be placing the corresponding powerpoint at the bottom of the page with the class assignments for each day.  I'll try and complete this on a daily basis by adding the slides that we cover each day. 

1-23  1-25  We will begin the Natural Disaster Unit.  Lots of discussion and questions will be asked through a powerpoint that can be seen from the downloads at the bottom of this page.  

1-7  1-11  We will simply be reviewing the material covered in the first three units that were completed the first half of the year.  

12-10  12-14  This week we will continue to build on Earth's Processes Unit.  This should include plate boundaries and Earths inner workings.  We will also cover minerals, rocks, and unequal displacement of those minerals throughout the Earth.  

12-17  12-21 We will use Monday and Tuesday for our Unit test and Wed. through Friday we will attempt to watch the Martian which shows similarities and differences of Mars and Earth.  

12-3  12-7  We will continue to discover evidence of plate tectonics using the book.  We will have a test tentatively scheduled for Friday (12-7).  This test will closely resemble the last test we took with only a few minor changes. 

11-26   11-30  We will be working on a project in which the students will be presenting information about plate tectonics.  The paper can be found at the bottom of this page it's name is name.

11-5   11-9  We are still waiting for a few students to finish the Unit 3 assessment.  We are moving on to some enrichment of the moon phases and the seasons of Earth.  We will be creating a model to explain the seasons and the phases of the moon.  This is a difficult concept for many students so it will be important for them to participate in creating this model which will take all week.  

10-29  11-2  Students will review Monday and complete their Unit 3 test Tue / Wed.  They will work on their projects Thursday and I'll be out Friday.  They will have a worksheet to complete on Friday which will be turned in for a grade.  

10-22   10-26  Plant adaptations, animal adaptations and DNA will be covered this week.  Next Monday we will review and Tuesday/Wed. we will test on Unit 3.  Students have a study guide that we went over in class and should be studying it as well as the few notes they have.  

10-15   10-19  This will be the start of Unit 3 which will be about survival and genetic mutations.  It will be the final addition to our biological evolution series.  The students will be doing snap labs and vocabulary tests to earn grades.  Don't forget the Unit 2 projects can be turned in at any time until the Christmas break.

10-1   10-5  We will complete two snap labs which are focused on anatomical similarities and taxonomy.  At the end of the week I will be picking up bellwork which will be a major grade, and projects.  

10-10   10-13  We will review on the wed. when we get back and start the unit 2 test on Thursday and Friday.  

Thursday and Friday is the Unit 1 test on bio-evolution.  This test should take two days.  We had very late buses on Thursday so it will push back the test about 20 or so minutes into Monday.  

9-17-18 we will begin unit 2 by looking at classifying plants and animals.  Taxonomy and dichotomous keys will take two days each and we will begin Cladograms on Friday (if things go as scheduled).  All activities will be done in class and the students notes will be limited.  The key to this week is being able to use the skill of separating organisms based on characteristics and being able to make a dichotomous key.  

The first Unit will start on Friday or perhaps Monday depending on how far we get with opening the school year information.  It will begin with biological evolution.  There will be little to no homework with the exception of the students projects which is listed at the bottom of the page.  You can download the project assignment list.  1 of those are due for each 9 weeks.  The same one cannot be done twice unless the student is given permission by me.  

Please feel free to contact me through email with any concerns.  Give me 24hrs or so to reply.  I usually check my email at least once a day, but during homeroom approx 755am.  



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