JOURNETO CAREERS   
          Monday 11/06/17 

         Teen Biz

        Tuesday  11/07/17
       Working in the Finance cluster learning about pay, regular, overtime etc.
         Wednesday    11/08/17
          Begin working on real life money situations and problems. Students to learn checking accounts and saving account.

        Thursday    11/09/17
           Project Alert

         Friday   11/10/17
            Students to begin a checking account activity
           Monday 11/13/17 
            Teen Biz

        Tuesday  11/14/17
        2nd day of Finance cluster activty on checking accounts and writing checks.
         Wednesday    11/15/17
          Research careers in Finance cluster.


        Thursday    11/16/17
           Project Alert

         Friday   11/17/17
             Finance cluster activity. Time cards and checking accounts.