Welcome to Building Blocks' Lego Club
Wilmington, NC

Meetings are twice a month at A Caring Heart Case Management, Inc. Our schedule is changing up, for the summer months. Please come and bring a friend!

Our Summer schedule is:

6/14        3:30-5:00pm
6/23        3:30-5:00pm

7/12        3:30-5:00pm
7/28        3:30-5:00pm
8/9          3:30-5:00pm
8/25        3:30-5:00pm
Our address is 2541 S. 17th Street, down from the hospital. We have a side door, that everyone can use. If you're looking at the building, they are the double doors on the right. They lead right into the room.
A Caring Heart
2541 South 17th Street
Wilmington, NC 28401-7705
(910) 332-3513

A Caring Heart

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