Adapted dance programs for children with 

Aspergers/ASD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Neurological Disorders

Wheels and Walkers - All dance classes are accessible and modified to meet different mobility needs.  Classes are designed to increase body awareness, embrace dancing on wheels and foster individual areas of strength and need.

Dancing Dynamos - Aspergers/high functioning Autism, mild Autism and PDD-NOS.  

All classes are visually supported, offer frequent breaks and ensure sensory needs are met while keeping the dance moves sharp and energized.  A great way to improve muscle tone, coordination and have fun!

Super Stars! - Down Syndrome, MID and DD

Every Super Stars class is designed with accommodated instruction, modified movements for those with low muscle tone and high energy dance moves for those ready to jump and spin!  The goal of Super Stars is to teach at a pace where all students can dance at the front of the class and be the stars we know they are!

Happy Tappers:

An adapted tap class for Dancing Dynamos and Super Stars!

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