The parish depends on the generosity of our parishioners for the upkeep of our beautiful churches. If you would like to contribute towards our planned giving please call into the sacristy after weekend Masses.

The Family Offering Envelope

The family offering is the only regular source of funds for the operation and development of our parish.

Contributions can be made by Bank Standing Order, by monthly envelope or by means of a half yearly or yearly contribution. If you are not using the Parish envelopes or have not got a box of parish family offering envelopes, but you would like to make a donation to the paish, please put your contribution in an ordinary envelope, with your name and address, and mark it MONTHLY ENVELOPE or DONATION you may then return your offering on the collection plates at mass or hand it directly to either Fr Dempsey or Fr Scully. Our sincere thanks to all who have returned their contribution envelopes on a regular basis, your support of the parish is greatly appreciated.