May 2018 Bond Issue

                A Unique Opportunity for Desperately Needed Upgrades for Generations to Come!

Voting for this Issue is imperative for the following key reasons: 

  • The BBHCSD is seeking voter approval of a bond issue on May 8, 2018 that will fund the construction of one, brand-new, PreK - 5 facility that will serve all elementary students in the district. The district is viewing this request as a Unique Opportunity for Desperately Needed Upgrades for Generations to Come!
  • Passing a bond issue at this time is a Unique Opportunity, because the District will be asking voters for the SAME or a REDUCED MILLAGE amount as it relates to the bond which paid for the construction of the High School (expiring in 2021). Further, this Unique Opportunity capitalizes on low millage rates in our community – the proposed millage will be 2.20 mills, while the millage currently assessed is 2.46.
  • The four, current elementary buildings in the BBHCSD are aged, outdated and feature a variety of much-needed capital infrastructure improvements that are beyond the routine scope of repair for the district’s maintenance team. These include exposed external wiring on the outside of buildings, water pooling in electrical rooms, dial-up modems that power HVAC controls, structural slab settling and cracked asbestos tiles and much more. NONE OF THE K-3 ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS HAVE CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING.
  • Passing a bond issue for one, brand-new, Pre-K thru 5 facility will allow the district to centralize the declining enrollment of the district’s elementary population. It will also provide modern safety and security systems, enhanced electrical systems to keep up with technology and fully handicapped accessible buildings for students with special needs.
  • The proposed location is at the Blossom Hill property on Oakes Road. This location was selected for a number of reasons. First, since the High School and Middle School are both in the City of Broadview Heights, the District desired a location for Grades PreK-5 that was in the City of Brecksville. Second, the property will be transferred to the BBHCSD in exchange for school-owned property at the Stadium Drive Athletic Field and Central School. Finally, the District listened to community feedback and identified a location that maximized transportation routes and minimized impact on neighborhoods.
  • The current amenities, including the turf soccer fields, Brecksville Cooperative Preschool and Montessori School, will be undisrupted. The City has stated its intent to help with site preparation and ensure efficient ingress to and egress from the property. Keep in mind that the schools are likely to need only approximately 20 acres of the total 185 acres available. The Stadium Drive Complex will be transferred to the City and an offer has been extended to make a portion of the property available for District sporting events. Central School will be transferred to the City for their long-term planning and use.
  • Passing a bond issue for one, brand-new, PreK - 5 facility will allow the district to save about a $1Million each year in operating costs.
  • The decision to build one, brand-new, PreK - 5 facility, rather than two buildings, comes as a result of declining enrollment in the district and the cost savings of more than $4 Million.
  • The BBHCSD is considering all kinds of concepts and schedules that separate students by age and grade. Learning spaces, play areas, and even cafeteria times will all be designed to minimize the time our youngest students interact with our oldest students as they go about their day. Having all our elementary students together in one school also allows our kids to get to know each other from a young age, which can actually help reduce social issues that often come up in later grades. Keep in mind that during the planning phase (following bond passage), the district will look to the community and our teachers for feedback on the new school design so that our children’s experience there will be a positive one.
  • The bond issue includes approximately $5 million for updates to the Middle School and High School, including upgrades to safety and security, technology systems, and infrastructure repairs. The District intends to transform studying spaces into 21st century learning environments that enhance collaboration and interaction with technology.

The community can learn more about the May 8, 2018 Bond Issue by visiting
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Facebook: BBHCSD School Issues Facilities Committee (can also be searched by @BBHBuildings) and Twitter: @BBHBuildings.