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Kids’ Corner Procedures (2016-17)

  1. Sign up to volunteer via your Team Manager (8U: or 12U:

  2. Up to four persons may volunteer. Wear Blizzard jersey/apparel if possible.

  3. Volunteers MUST ARRIVE BY 5:45 PM* through the Arena Press Entrance and check in at the volunteer table to receive your entry passes. If you do not arrive on time then the Arena staff will not set up the Slap Shot Den for us and we lose out on fund raising. * Arrive at least 75 minutes ahead of the scheduled game time which is usually 7:00 PM but may vary

  4. Proceed to the 3rd Floor Executive office to retrieve the Blizzard cash box. There should be $30 cash (singles and maybe a five dollar bill or two). Please count the cash before the game.

  5. There should be set out Blizzard flyers and a banner as well as prizes, hockey sticks and balls for the Slap Shot den.

  6. The Arena opens the doors one hour before game time so be ready to entice people to pay $1 to play a Kids Corner game.

  7. Collect $1 from participants and have them take three shots from the entryway of the inflatable, but smaller kids can be moved in closer. There are also other games for $1 for one try - Plinko and dice. Prizes are shown there.

  8. Participants can get a small consolation prize for none or one shot made or a bigger prize for two or three shots made. Prizes vary depending on availability so use your judgment based on what is there. Small prizes would be the player cards, stickers, tattoos. Larger would be shirts, bags, pencils, photos - it depends on what happens to be available for that game.

  9. Be sure to THANK each participant for supporting Blizzard Girls Hockey.

  10. At the start of the 3rd period you may shut down. Count the cash collected that night (not including the starting $30 change) and write it down in the receipt book and date it.

  11. Return the cash box with all of the cash and receipt book to the Kids Zone located near Section 14 and they will return it to the executive offices.

Send an email to with the amount collected that night. THANK YOU!!

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