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Blizzard Raffle Sales at Binghamton Devils Games (2017-18)

The calendar shows B Devils home games. To sign up to sell raffle tickets at a game view the calendar below with the home games and then click on the sign up form below and enter the game date and first and last names of those who will be volunteering. You can sign up to FOUR people including your player(s). Those names will be provided to the B Devils staff who will have passes waiting for you at that game. The last name of the family(ies) who signed up for that game will be placed on the calendar shortly after signing up confirming who's volunteering for that game.

Arrive at the Arena's Press Entrance by 5:45 PM on game day (for typical 7:05 PM starts, otherwise arrive at least 75 minutes before game time). Check in at the Devils staff table by the Press Entrance for your passes. Our table is located on the concourse by Sections 10-11. Go to the Fan Zone by Section 12 to retrieve the Blizzard bag with the table cloth, signs and tickets. Set up the raffle table display and sell away. You can sell the tickets provided to you first and then as many of the extras as you can. Remember to write your players last name on the back of the ticket stub being turned in as the player who sells the most wins a prize. Stay through the end of the second intermission and return the Blizzard bag to the Fan Zone. 

Turn in the tickets and entry fee to the team manager at the next practice. 

Raffle Sales at Devils

Raffle Sales at Devils Sign-Up