2 Corinthians 9:7 (Click to view this verse)

     Each week we give as a part of our commitment to be a Christ follower, not only to do our part in meeting the day to day ministry needs and expenses of Christ's church through our ministries, but also as a simple act act of worship. 

     First Baptist is grateful for all your gifts of time, talent and money. We give in response to God's love for God's purposes when we give.  Please pray that First Baptist Church members and ministries will continue to be faithful stewards of all gifts as we strive to live out the Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission of Christ as a people of prayer, passion and purpose!

     While there is something special about placing our monetary gift each week as a part of our worship service we may not always be able to physically to place  our gifts in the offering plate.  
If you are not able to do so you are welcome to mail your regular tithes and offerings to 1002 South E Street (U.S. Postal address). 

     You may also may be among the growing number of people who use online banking or giving.  Please click below to should you choose to give online.  Thank You!!! Give Online Now