Blackboard Update

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Blackboard Update
During the May 14-15, 2014 Blackboard maintenance window, updates were applied that updated some of Blackboard's features and functionality.

Current Tutorials
Most course features function the way they have in the past.  The tutorials on this site still provide accurate information on how to complete many course tasks, even though the tutorials demonstrate these tasks using the old interface.  Distance Learning is working to update the tutorials with the new interface.  (Use the site menu to the left to view the current tutorials.)

Browser and Java
Because the Blackboard update includes the latest web technologies, it is very important to ensure you have an updated version of Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer (with Firefox or Chrome as the preferred browsers) installed on your computer.  For example, a 3-year old browser such as Firefox 3.6 will not work correctly with the new system.  Also, make sure the java on your computer is up-to-date ( 

New Features
A few new features have been added.  Click here for a list of updated features. 
The links below explain the new features in videos and detailed handouts.

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FeatureVideo TutorialsPrint Tutorials
FeatureVideo TutorialsPrint Tutorials
NEW: Achievements (Badges) What's a Badge? Video Create & Manage Acheivements Tutorial (from Bb) 
NEW: Date Management Tool  Date Management Tool Date Management Handout 
NEW: Qwickly - do things once for multiple classes Qwickly Video Qwickly Handout 
UPDATED: Assignment Grading Assignment Grading Overview Video (from Bb) Assignment Grading Tutorial (from Bb) 
UPDATED: Grading Blogs, Journals, & Wikis  Grading Blogs, Journals, & Wikis (from Bb) 
UPDATED: Grading Discussion Forums Grading Discussion Video  Grading Discussion Forums Handout 
UPDATED: Groups Management Group Management Video (from Bb) Groups Management Handout (from Bb) 
UPDATED: Student: View: Confirming Assignment Submissions Student View - Submitting Assignments How Students See Assignment Submissions 
UPDATED: Student View: Gradebook Comments Student View - Comments in the Blackboard Gradebook How Students see Gradebook Comments 
UPDATED: Student View - Gradebook Overview Student View of the Blackboard Gradebook - Overview  
UPDATED: Student View - Test Results Student View - Test Results in Blackboard How Students see Test Results in the Bb Gradebook 
UPDATED: Test Options - Dispalying Test Results Test Options: Showing Test Results and Feedback to Students Test Options - Displaying Test Results 
UPDATED: Test Options - Due Dates and Late Submissions Test Options: Due Date and Late Submissions Test Options - Due Dates and Late Submissions 
UPDATED: Test Options - Exceptions Test Options: Test Availability Exceptions ModifyTest Options - Granting Testing Exceptions 
UPDATED: Tests - Change Points Possible in Gradebook Change Pts Possible Video Change Pts Possible Handout 
Showing 15 items