Poems to Mom's Art Week 4

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1979_Pencil_Drawing5 by Carol Hershey 

8/3/08_1979_Pencil_Drawing5_Poem by Betina Hershey

I have my whole life
In front of me
And my past trails behind
Like long curls
Wind-blown, recently freed
From the confines of the braids
Of tomorrows and todays.

You and I, we walk securely, surely
Towards that sunset that always comes
Again and again over that hill,
Bringing our trinkets and our tools.

We are the lucky ones,
With hopes and dreams
That stretch a little beyond.
Yes, a little beyond.


 1980_Pencil_Drawing3 by Carol Hershey

8/5/08_1980_Pencil_Drawing3_Poem by Betina Hershey

The body joins the sand in the sea
And the eggs nestle into the womb
Of seaweed.  A mixture
Of yesterday and tomorrow.
Today we miss you, as you swirl
In great big puffs of dust
That inspire a paint brush.
A lovely sunset will come for you
Each night
And the fish will burrow and nibble
And the waves make a perfect medley
Of soul-less body and body-less sea.
Your Birth Day, August 4th, 1941
Has been delicately snuggled onto these rocks
With invisible ink.