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Since September 2012, I am assistant professor at University Paris-Sud 11, in the following lab.

Research Activity

My research essentially focuses on motor control and learning in humans, with neurophysiological and computational perspectives. This is a profoundly multidisciplinary topic mixing neurosciences, biomechanics and physics/mathematics.

The typical computational tools associated with my research are stochastic/deterministic optimal control, numerical optimization and machine learning methods (e.g. dimensionality reduction techniques). The most basic experimental tools consist of motion capture devices, electromyographic measurements and eye-tracking systems. 

Applications of this line of research concern humanoid robotics (e.g., create artificial systems equipped with motor and decisional human-like capacities), brain/body-machine interfaces (e.g., neuroprosthetics), rehabilitation of patients (e.g., help patients in recovering sensorimotor functions) and sport sciences (e.g., optimization of performance).

I am currently working on motor control and learning problems in both humans and humanoid robots.  The general aim is to exploit the findings coming from human motor control studies to improve robots by taking inspiration from the biological solutions found by the central nervous system. Reciprocally, using tools from mathematics and robotics in the fields of motor neurophysiology is also very useful to better understand the motor function of the brain and elaborate new models/theories.


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PhD Thesis

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