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  • A mandoline (, ) is a cooking utensil used for slicing and for cutting juliennes; with proper attachments, it can make crinkle-cuts. It consists of two parallel working surfaces, one of which can be adjusted in height.
  • a stringed instrument related to the lute, usually played with a plectrum
  • A musical instrument resembling a lute, having paired metal strings plucked with a plectrum. It is played with a characteristic tremolo on long sustained notes
  • A mandolin (mandolino) is a musical instrument in the lute family (plucked, or strummed). It descends from the mandore, a soprano member of the lute family.
  • A court or tribunal
  • (Forum (Bangladesh)) Forum is a Bangladeshi English language monthly current affairs magazine. Founded in 1969 in the then East Pakistan (present day Bangladesh) by human rights activist Hameeda Hossain and economist Rehman Sobhan, the magazine became renowned for its outspoken content
  • A place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged
  • (in an ancient Roman city) A public square or marketplace used for judicial and other business
  • (Forum (album)) Forum is an album by Australian guitar pop group Invertigo. The album was released in 2001 with some songs (such as "Desensitised" and "Chances Are") recorded in 2000.
  • (forum) a public meeting or assembly for open discussion
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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum (1962 Original Broadway Cast)
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum (1962 Original Broadway Cast)
"Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight!" With that song, one of the most famous opening numbers ever, the brilliant career of Stephen Sondheim as a Broadway composer and lyricist was born. Sondheim had written lyrics for the classics West Side Story and Gypsy, but he wanted to compose as well, and after 1954's Saturday Night was derailed, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1962) gave him his first Broadway show. Based on the Roman comedies of Plautus, it's a light frothy entertainment (as promised in the opening) led by the outrageous Zero Mostel as the scheming slave Pseudolus. The Gordian knot of a plot also involves Jack Gilford as fellow slave Hysterium, Preshy Marker as the vacant Philia, Brian Davies as the young hero, Hero, and Ron Holgate as the testosterone-oozing soldier Miles Glorious. Sondheim the composer proves an ideal match for Sondheim the lyricist: you can hear halting uncertainty and not-yet-blossomed passion in "Love, I Hear," "I'm Calm" perfectly captures Hysterium's hysteria, and "Everybody Ought to Have a Maid" is pure vaudeville genius. --David Horiuchi

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Joe Brown
Joe Brown
60s legend, Joe Brown, performing a two hour set, at the Billingham Forum, Billingham, North East England. 67 year old Joe, still has lots of energy, which he portrays in his stage shows. A mixture of 60s rock, country, rockabilly and classical was topped off with a natural comedy.
mandolin + bells
mandolin + bells
this is a glenn F5 fern mandolin; which solrun plays during "hilli." and on the table are the eight bells maria and hildur have fun playing during "seoul."

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