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This page is a FYI type page. No diaper deals will be posted here. Please check individual stores for sales.

Huggies Enjoy the Ride Promo (ETR)

Huggies has a program right now where you can enter promotional codes. These promotional codes can be used to redeem "entries" into drawings or you can use 2 points to buy an instant win game to win giftcards ($25 Gap GC, $25 Visa GC, $25 Applesbees GC, $10 Subway GC or music downloads)... Many of the bbc girls have been winning a giftcards.

Referrals: many have been asking for referrals. Each referral a person gets will earn them 5 points. You will need to foward your email address to the person so that they can send you a referral link. Please keep solicitations for referrals to a minimum on the board. If someone ask for a referral then you can post them a note.


When redeeming your points for an instant win game for a chance to win the GCs... all you have to do is select the type of giftcard you want and then proceed to the "yes proceed" and then all you have to do is watch the video and pray that you see the baby blow bubbles instead of fart.

Blowing bubbles with his mouth will be an instant winner. You'll get a confirmation via email right away notifying you that you won.
Farting bubbles mean you lose. LOL

Contact Arquest to participate in diaper studies, receive free diapers and a $10 check for participating:

ext 646 for girls
ext 634 for boys


Diaper Guide

Stocking up on diapers? Here is the recommended quantity to get for each size!

Size          QTY of Packages  (based on jumbo packs)

1                     10  (~440 diapers)

2                     22  (~946 diapers)

3                     24  (~888 diapers)

4                     18  (~594 diapers)

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Click here for spreadsheet.

Potty Training Guide From brubend

I pretty much used the attached pdf, although I found that waiting for her to start going before putting her on the potty didn't work b/c it was over too quick.  She had 5 accidents before lunch on the 1st day (including pooping on the floor in her room!), then after lunch I made her sit on the potty for an hour while I read stories to her and she went.  After that, I made sure she sat on the potty at least every 15 minbutes and It just "clicked" with her and she only had 1 accident each day for the following 2 days! I do use pull-ups for naps/nighttime, often a young child simply sleeps too soundly to be able to stay dry all night long - night training will come later.  I also made sure that the portable potty was really comfortable for sitting for long periods of time (although she only sat for a long time that one time).  We have several hard plastic ones, and then this one by Graco which is comfortable.  I also have a fold-up potty seat for taking into stores, and I keep a potty in the back of my car, always have ever since PT-ing Annalise (now 5 years old) cause it comes in handy for her every now and then.

My best tip is GO COLD TURKEY!  It is tempting to put on a diaper or pull-up occasionally out of convenience (Christmas concert or something like that), but don't do it!  Get several little potty seats and put them where your child spends most of their time (play room, kitchen, etc). Have her naked from the waist down at first (for boys, instead of being naked, put on thin underwear.  If you don't the pee will just shoot away from the body and he won't care).  You want the pee to run down their leg so they won't like it and also so they realize what is happening. (This is all explained in the PDF/links.) :)

You will need a reward (I used M&Ms) for her for when she's successful.  In addition to the reward, we have a potty song that we sing (I stole it from a friend) every time and she loves that.  I would suggest taking her with you when you use the restroom and when you're done, sing the potty song for yourself and dance around!  The potty song should have your name in it so she knows who the song is sung for.  Here are the lyrics to the song I stole, you can make up your own tune:

Ellie pottied in the potty
She went potty in the potty
Ellie pottied in the potty
She went potty in the potty.


Ellie poopied in the potty
She went poopy in the potty
Ellie poopied in the potty
She went poopy in the potty.

Simple, but effective.  I wish you could hear the tune, it's very catchy.  :)  Of course, insert your own words for whatever you use for "potty" and "poopy".

If I were you, since it's so close to the busy holiday season, I would just spend the next few weeks prepping her (singing the potty song for yourself, making note of when she typically poops, etc - read the links above for other ways to prep) and then start fresh in January once everything dies down.  I contemplated waiting until January, but I would have had to buy more diapers and I didn't want to.  I meant to start about a month ago, but it just didn't happen.  :)

Good luck!

Phan T,
Dec 7, 2009, 10:35 AM