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Church Roster


Rev. Dr. Craig Scott Brown Sr.
Senior Pastor

Men’s Ministry

Bishop M. Edward Reid
Assistant to the Senior Pastor

Minister Kevin Tolbert
Assistant to the Pastor
Youth and YAM Overseer

Minister Atoya Green-Gregory
Assistant to the Pastor

Minister Kinea Allen
Assistant to the Pastor
Epiphany Dance Ministry

Evangelist Penny Gardner
Assistant to the Pastor
Ananias Evangelism Ministry


Deacon Lewis McCain
Chairman Deacon Board

Deacon Alton Williams
Vice Chair Deacon Board
Security Ministry Lead

Bro. Richard Hunter
Chair Trustee Board

Deaconess Ena Townsend
Chair Deaconess Board

Deaconess Donna Green
CARICOM Ministry

Deacon John Butler
South Carolina Ministry

Deaconess Doris Taylor
Soup Kitchen Ministry

Deacon Everton Gardner
Armour Bearer
Transportation Ministry

Deaconess Shirley Erves
Women's Ministry

Sis. Jaclyn Hayward 
Armour Bearer
Youth Mass Choir

Sis. Althea Higdon

Superintendent Sunday School
Senior Choir

Deacon Albert Green
Chairperson Pastor’s Aide

Sis. Geraldine Crenshaw

Acting Chair Pastor’s Aide

Sis Dorothy Loney
Missionary Ministry

Sis. Lucille Spivey
North Carolina Ministry

Sis. Emma Medlock
Virginia Ministry

Sis. Beatrice S. Thomas
Senior Usher Ministry

Bro. Jaden Artis
Junior Usher Ministry

Chaplain Raydine Hunter

Compassionate Ministry

Sis. Theresa Leonard
Friendship Circle Ministry

Sis. Celestine Lloyd
Congregational Care Ministry

Sis. Dorothy Taylor
Pattie Ford Scholarship Ministry

Bro. Eugene Manigo
Tri-Unity Prison Ministry

Bro. Carl Washington III
Music Ministry

Sis. Maria Dorsey
Adult Praise Team

Bro. Maurice Ellerbee
Male Chorus Ministry
Male Worship Team


Sis. Jenisha Thompson
Youth Praise Team

Bro. Richard Broughton

Media Ministry

Bro. Theodore Brapham
Media Ministry

Sis. Doreen Gibbs
Media Ministry 

Bro. Willie Townsend
Food Pantry Ministry

Bro. Darrell Winds


Sis. Nancy L. Scott

Church Administrator
Admin. Ass't to the Senior Pastor

Sis. MaryAnn Robinson

Church Clerk

Sis. Laticia Spears
Assistant Church Clerk