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Now, let's start discovering Windows 8.1
Is this what you wanted when you clicked the START button?  I don't think so. Unless, yours is a tablet
The complete START menu looks like this   after clicking the small down arrow to the lower left.
Now that's a START menu!! All the programs listed right here for you. Just scroll left & right.

Of course finding what you are looking for in this All Programs view is difficult. So what I do, is right click the program I will use a lot, and select to 'Pin to Start'. Or on many icons I can 'Pin to Taskbar' to work on it from the Desktop. That makes for easier and quicker, access.
Don't let this Modern style intimidate you.
Windows 8 is really exciting and FUN. So try to give it a chance.

Modern view - All the tiles from your first boot try to appear here. Microsoft tried to call this the Metro view, but ran into trouble, so they now call it Modern!
Desktop     - To me, at least, another Windows 7, only better!

If your boot image looks like this , then you are using windows 8.
To update to windows 8.1 should be easy.
  • In the Modern view, clicking on the green STORE app, should show a Windows 8.1 download offer, predominately, on the left side.
  • Clicking this, should start the Windows 8.1 download.
  • Have plenty of time for this, since it can take from 21/2 to 3 hours.
  • After windows 8.1 is installed, your boot image should look like this
  • Also, on the far left of the Desktop TASKBAR, you are using Windows 8.1 if you see this Start button .
  •  Incidentally, left clicking on it only takes you to the Modern view, whereas RIGHT clicking gets this menu ----> 
VERY Important:  Once you have Windows 8.1, go to the Control Panel.

  If it looks like this                                                  then click the Category       link as shown.

 Now when it looks like this.
 Select Windows Update
Why is this Important you say?          Because you must have windows 8.1 update1, before Microsoft will give you any other updates

   Since you boot directly to the Modern view, and since you are most comfortable with the Desktop, Let's start by clicking on the Desktop app.
Great! Now for a hint to make things easier:
  • Pressing the windows key
       on the keyboard, will toggle you back and forth between the apps and the Desktop quicker.
Now, let's see how things work.
    First, I'm not familiar with touch screen usage, so everything I say, is handled as though you have a mouse and keyboard.
    • In the apps view, clicking an app opens in the fashion of a tablet. I suppose that is what bothers most Windows users.
    • To close an app, slide your cursor to the top of the screen.
      • Your pointer will change to a hand
    • Press your LEFT button down and hold it.
      • The hand changes to a fist.
    • Drag the fist to the bottom of the screen and let go.
      • Poof! the app is closed.
But wait!
     There's another way to close apps!
 Pressing the ALT key with the F4 key closes any active app or window that is on top at the moment.

    Also, if you so desire, several apps can be opened at the same time. They will all continue to run at the same time.
    • To navigate between apps.
      • Place the pointer to the upper left corner to expose another active app.
      • Drag down the left side and you will see all the opened apps.
      • Clicking the one you want opens it in it's own screen.
    • Now, if you point to the top left corner and right click one of those apps.
      • You can choose to close it
      • Or you can cause more than one to show on the screen.

The Realization:
    Have you noticed that the DESKTOP is just another app? Don't believe it? Try this. Grab the top of the page, draw it down to the bottom and drop it. Or................While in some other app view, point to the upper left corner, choose the DESKTOP app, right click it, and close it. Just like all the other apps!
    In my humble opinion, the DESKTOP is just a better version of Windows 7, only they like to call it Windows 8.1.
So, why are you hesitant?
Just use Windows 8.1's DESKTOP mode all the time. After you are comfortable that way, Then, and only then, start playing with the Modern area. There is so much yet to enjoy!!

Navigation: Again:

How about this:

 In Windows 8.1
    The DESKTOP app
        Right click a blank spot on the taskbar. (The bottom bar that contains  the START button on the far left)

In the context menu, select Properties            In the "Properties and Navigation properties" window, check the boxes                                                                                                 to always boot to the DESKTOP.        

You now have a great Windows 8.1 computer with tablet abilities for when you want to experiment, or just play!

But Wait..............
There's More
Click here for some Keyboard Shortcuts

And.............. even More.............. reasons, both for and against  

Now Even More........... I revived this page to help eliminate worries and anxieties with the intention of giving hints and ideas. But now I am finding sites that help even better. I like this one a lot. Windows 8 Survival Guide. (This site takes way too long to load in IE because of a super long script for the page. My advice, use Google Chrome)
Book mark it and refer to it to answer your questions and solve your problems.

        Don't forget! Although old, all the below is still there with many helpful & informative tips.

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