Who we are.....


The Steering Committee is composed of 19 members from the following committees:

1 member each from the Issue Groups & Caucuses:
  1. Economic Development
  2. Youth Caucus
  3. Education & Youth
  4. Public Safety
  5. Legislative & Political Action
1 member each from Operations Committees
  1. Budget & Fundraising
  2. Publicity & Media
  3. Membership
  4. Data
  5. Volunteers & Training
1 member from each of the Council Districts and 2 At-Large members.

The Steering committee meets the third Thursday of each month and prepares the agenda for the General Assembly meetings.


BBBON was formed by volunteers of diverse skills and backgrounds who were active in the 2010 Mayoral campaign and were united in purpose and resolve to continue reaching out and striving to unify Oaklanders into One Oakland. 

The Mission of the Block by Block Organizing Network (BBBON) is to build stronger and more sustainable communities for the benefit of ALL Oakland residents by:

  • developing and building grassroots leadership in neighborhoods,
  • increasing participation, communication and transparency in all civic activities
  • influencing  policy in all democratic  institutions, and,
  • working with businesses, government, community based organizations, and civic institutions, to achieve social, political, and economic justice in a collaborative partnership led by residents.

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