When the Brighton Beach Boys formed in 2001, it was through a love of the glorious harmonies created by Brian Wilson
and it soon
clear that
many others shared the desire to hear those harmonies sung live.
The band soon garnered an excellent reputation for their shows and played all along the South coast to great audience reaction and press reviews.
It was in 2006 the line-up expanded to include the 16-piece Psychedelic Love Orchestra and they first performed their sell-out Brighton Festival show, "Pet Sounds vs Sgt Pepper" which was nominated for the Best Music in Festival Award that year. Due to the fantastic response they performed the same show over 2 nights in 2007's Festival and won the Best Music Award as well as the Argus Angel Award. In 2008 
ey were again nominated and in 2009 they added an extra matinee show due to the growing demand.
In 2011, they expanded the repertoire to include a performance of the Beatles "Abbey Road" as well as their regular "Pet Sounds vs Sgt Pepper" shows which have become a "must-see" staple of the Festival.