Kimberlie J. Burkhart, jewelry artist


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Find all the latest on B.B. Bellezza at the new home of B.B. Bellezza Handcrafted Jewelry.
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Bellezza means "beauty" and I believe you can find beauty everywhere.  An abandoned board game, hardware left in a shed, ripped clothing, and keys that no longer have anything to unlock are all examples of items I give a second chance at beauty. 


B.B. Bellezza focuses on handcrafted jewelry and also makes other items including coasters from discarded ceramic tiles, dolls from recycled clothing, lavender sachets, dream pillows, and (new) bags from recycled (and leftover) clothing.


My inspiration comes from nature and its preservation and the mission of B.B. Bellezza is to leave the Earth at least as good as I found it, if not better.

 *Please don't throw anything away without checking this list first.  Thank you!


B.B. Bellezza items are available everyday at my booth at


342 N. Queen St., Warehouse C

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Find my shows and other stores on my where page.

Also don't miss Outta The Way!  A zine written by my boyfriend Jim Kohler and edited by me.  It's about "out of the way" places in Pennsylvania.