Bo Bayles Annex

Professional information

Software development

I maintain or co-maintain several software projects. If you're interested in having me take a look at yours, send me a note. I'm particularly interested in Python applications and network security.

  • more-itertools - Python library for working with iterable objects
  • redis-collections - High-level Python interface for Redis
  • vod_metadata - Generator and library for CableLabs Video On Demand metadata.
  • netsa-pkg - Linux packages for CERT's NetSA tools
  • flowlogs_reader - Command line tool and Python library for working with AWS VPC Flow Logs (with Observable Networks)
  • obsrvbl-ona - Linux package for collecting network metadata for security monitoring (with Observable Networks)
  • obsrvbl-ossec - Distribution of the OSSEC host IDS (with Observable Networks)
  • suricata-service - Distribution of the Suricata network IDS (with Observable Networks)