Cheap RMS Mains Control

Used to make cheep tools as functional as their more expensive counterparts. 

I recently bought a Dremel Model 100, which doesn't have a variable speed control, just an on/off switch. Rather than take it back and fork over an extra $60 for the variable speed, I took the cheep route and spent $20 bucks on something even more useful.

The unit is only a dimmer switch controling a socket rather than a light. I just used a short length of 12/2 that was hanging around to make a power cable. In hindsight an actual power cord from a computer or something would have actually worked better; I may change it out later.

Since this controls the actual source power, it can also be used to turn a cheaper soldering iron into a variable temp unit as well. I haven't tried many other devices on it yet, but it isn't a good idea to just go plugging random electronic devices into a variable voltage source.


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Cheap RMS Mains Control

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