Brandi & Nick




About Us

Nick and I met for the first time in 1999.  We dated briefly, but were both attending different colleges in different cities at the time.  It wasn't until five years later, and when were both living in New Orleans, that we saw each other again.  Nick asked me out and I didn't call him back, but he remained persistent.  I finally agreed on a date and I'm so thankful that I did!  We've been together ever since....






The Proposal

It was on our three and a half year anniversary - 12/21/07.  You would think that I would have had some clue, but I didn't... Nick made sure that I wasn't expecting a thing.  Originally we were supposed to go to a Christmas party, but neither of us felt like driving across the lake.  Instead, he called for reservations at Brightsen's, the next place on our restaurant list.  We ran into one of my friends at the restaurant who mentioned to me that she had a feeling it was the night he would propose.  Nick adamantly confirmed what I knew - that he was "working towards" getting engaged, but wasn't there yet.  ;)

When we finished dinner we took our first trip to Celebration in the Oaks in years.  Somehow during the walking tour he convinced me that taking a picture with Santa was a good idea.  The conversation went like this... 

Nick: Santa, ask her what she wants for Christmas. 

Santa: What do you want for Christmas? 

Me: Diamonds. (aggravated that he is messing with Santa) 

Nick: Santa, ask her what kind of diamonds. 

Santa: What kind of diamonds? 

Me:  I don't know.  Big, Sparkly ones. (remembering the conversation from earlier, so I couldn't say an engagement ring) 

Nick:  *getting down on one knee*  Big, Sparkly ones like this...  I'm so sorry...  Will you marry me?   



The Ring

Aucoin Hart

*Ken Landry*

My ring is an Aucoin Hart creation just like I hoped for.  Ken is my family jeweler and since we've been dating he has been Nick's go-to guy for my gifts.   (I taught him well!)  Ken helped Nick pick out this fabulous ring and I absolutely LOVE it!





The Wedding Details



St. John the Baptist





The Audubon Tea Room




Meg Baisden Photography

Pensicola, FL



Meade Wenzel

New Orleans, LA




The Distractions



Chad Dyle Cinematic Weddings



Katie Seghers

Pixie Cosmetics & Skincare

5715 1/2 Magazine St.



Planning Ideas











Color - Navy


Saison Blanche #2101


Hair & Veil


 ? The Dress ?

These are just a few that I like...

Left:  Lazaro #LZ3814

Middle:  Alvina Valenta - #AV9803

Right: Pronovias - Dakota.  

My one piece of advice:  You should ALWAYS try on a dress - even if you don't like it on the hanger!!  The dress I ordered is one that I didn't like on the hanger, but only tried on to make my mom happy...  I'm glad I listen to her!  :)



Left:  My reality - Grace Crystal 

Right:  My DREAM Malono Blahink's