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Innovative .NET software developer with 9+ years of experience translating client needs into effective programs. Collaborate with business analysts and programmers to apply C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET to design and implement state-of-the art solutions including Web and Desktop applications. Significant experience in creating Enterprise applications for education data systems, financial and insurance solutions, implementing reporting management systems, reusable components and DLL libraries, Including databases and all the software engineering principles and documentation. Maintain high-level quality in delivering projects on-time, while meeting/exceeding industry standards in software development.


·         Hands on experience in all phases of SDLC including requirements definition, design, architecture, development, testing, releasing, and support.


·         Strong knowledge and experience in front and back end programming.


·         Excellent communication with colleagues and Internal/External Clients, On-Time and High-Quality Delivery.


·         Gathering business Requirements, preparing software requirement specifications, Conceptualization & Design, Integrate Client Needs & Support, New Technologies.





·         Had great performance reviews from my previous project managers and clients.

        ·         Coordinated and implemented a very high profile application (College Scorecard)

        ·         Introduced a new persistence mechanism to create database independence and save time in implementation and maintenance for my previous company “Pentasoft”. 





Languages and Frameworks: C#, VB .Net, Java, .Net Framework


Web:  ASP.NET, Silverlight, AJAX, ASP.Net MVC, Java Script, JQuery, JSON, Mustache, Angular, HTML, HTML5, IIS, Servlets, JSP, JSF, CSS, CSS3


DBMS and ORM: SQL Server 2005/2008, ADO.NET Entity Framework, NHibernate, LINQ, LINQ to SQL, XML, XSLT, XQuery, LINQ to XML, Crystal Reports, JDBC, Hibernate


Technologies: Webservice, WCF, WPF, XML, Office Open XML (OOXML),

Windows Services, Microsoft Office Add-in development, SQL Server Reporting Services, DOM, SQLDMO


Tools: Visual Studio, MS Expression Blend, MS Unit Testing Framework, NUnit, MS Sql Server Profiler, Team Foundation, MS Sharepoint, Oracle VM VirtualBox, TortoiseSVN, Eclipse, NetBeans, GlassFish 2.1, Tomcat 6.0


 Software engineering skills: Design Patterns, OOP, N-Tier Programming, UML 



Amazon Web Services, Herndon, Virginia  · 2014 - Present

Amazon Web Services is a collection of remote computing services, also called web services, that make up a cloud computing platform by Amazon.com. The most central and well-known of these services are Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3.

Click to edit position descriptionSoftware Development EngineerWorking as part of the EC2 team within AWS.

IT Innovative Solutions, Rockville, Maryland  · 2010 - 2014

IT Innovative Solutions services and products are both cost-effective, creative, and are delivered with a modern scaleable architecture using the best hardware and software technologies available. Inovas is focused on Data Collection, Surveys, Data Analysis systems, Midrange Computing applications, and CRM systems. Home page: www.inovas.net

Sr. Software Engineer: analyzing business needs and developing, creating, and modifying complex statistical and analytical computer software applications in educational domains.



College Scorecard (a White House project): Created a tool to help prospective students and their families find information on colleges and universities in the United States.

  Technologies used: ASP.NET, C#, JQuery, JSon, XML, LINQ, SQL

Request Tracking System: Created a real-time application and a web service at server side designed to organize and track the projects’ requests and tasks among the stakeholders.

  Technologies used: ASP.NET, C#, Webservice, XML, LINQ, SQL, WCF


IPEDS Datacenter TableGenerator: The IPEDS Data Center is a consumer information tool designed to help students, institutions, university administrators, statisticians, and others get information about more than 7,000 postsecondary institutions in the United States - such as programs offered, student enrollment and completions, retention and graduation rates, prices, financial aid available, degrees awarded, and human resources data. The tool supports several fuctions that facilitate data retrieval from the system.

Technologies used: ASP.NET, C#, JQuery, Javascript, XML, SQL

   Languages and Technologies: C#, Sql, LINQ (LINQ to Entity), XML
   Web: Asp.NET, Web service, Silverlight
   Databases: Sql Server 2010, Sql Server 2005
   Tools: Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2008, MS Expression Blend,
Benthic, Microsoft Team Foundation Server,  MS Virtual Machine
   Platforms: MS Windows XP, MS Windows Server 2003

PENTASOFT, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia · 2008-2009

Provider of business solutions across Information, Communication, and Entertainment Technologies, specializing in Financial and Insurance software and services. Home page: www.pentasoft.com.my


Software Developer: Developed and led team in project development. Prepared the software engineering documentation such as SRS, SDD and STP. Helped and mentored team members on technical issues. Contributed to planning in meetings with business analysts/designers, team members and graphic designers.


ü Innovated a reporting system design built on Excel files and introduced a new persistence mechanism to create database independence using C# and Office Open-XML (OOXML) technology.

ü Implemented software design patterns, significantly improving program stability/maintenance.




SolonExcel: Created desktop application and webservice at server side designed to prepare Excel reports as a subcomponent of a larger insurance Framework application. Prepared the software engineering documents:

  • SRS: Software Specification; use case and sequence diagram; including all the descriptions and UML diagrams.
  • SDD: preliminary design and detailed design; including all the descriptions and UML diagrams.

Technologies used: C#, Webservice, XML, OOXML, Office programming, Microsoft Office Add-in development, LINQ, SQL, WCF


PentaAgent: Developed a web application specifically for insurance agent tasks/use using Silverlight.

Technologies used: Silverlight, ASP.NET, C#, XML, Webservice, LINQ


PentaILLUSTRATE: Developed WPF-application for use in insurance proposals/administrative tasks.

Technologies used: WPF, C#, Webservice, XML, LINQ, Oracle

PentaGeneral: Developed an ASP.Net web application for administrative tasks such as groups and users managements for other systems.

Technologies used: ASP.Net, C#, Webservice, XML, MS Sql server 2005

Languages and Technologies: C#, Sql, LINQ (LINQ to Entity), XML
Web: Asp.NET, Webservice, Silverlight
Databases: Sql Server 2005, Oracle 10g
Tools: Visual Studio 2008, MS Expression Blend,
Benthic, Oxygen XML Editor, TortoiseSVN, MS Virtual Machine
Platforms: MS Windows XP, MS Windows Server 2003



Software solutions provider of Enterprise Portals, Web-based Applications, OLAP/Distributed Database and e-business solutions. Home page: www.southit.com

Software Developer Analyst: Gathered/analyzed software requirements specification via customer interviews and visiting the client site and collaborating with software designers. Implemented ERP systems, and provided system maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements by .NET technologies.  




Reporting System: Drove R&D to design/implement portion of overall ERP product and pilot to facilitate sales. System capabilities allow report generation from any DBMS, including MS SQL, Oracle, FoxPro, MySql, Access and Excel.

Technologies used: C#, Webservice, MS Sql server, Store procedure, MS SQL Linked Server


Reporting System (Web edition): Implemented web application of Reporting system and its webservice.

Technologies used: ASP.NET, C#, Webservice, MS Sql server, Store procedure, MS SQL Linked Server


Inventory System: Compiled all business requirements to create software requirement documentation. Contributed to design and implementation of major system component. Delivered effective product under short deadline.

Technologies used: VB.NET, MS Sql server, XML, SQL Store procedures/Views/Functions.


Sitco Fiscal Year: Created module to plug into all other ERP applications within the company related to data for the fiscal year requested.

Technologies used: VB.NET, Sql DMO, MS Sql server, SQL Store procedures/Views/Functions.


Sitco eForm: Implementation of a Web Based Electronic Form Management System with workflow.

Technologies used: Asp.NET, C#, XML, MS Sql server, SQL Store procedures/Views/Functions.

Languages and Technologies: C#, VB.NET
Web: ASP.NET, Web Service
Databases: MS SQL Server
Tools: SQL DMO, MS Visual Studio, MS Source Safe, MS Virtual Machine
Platforms: MS Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2003






  Master of Science in Computer Science 

Coursework: Software Design Patterns, Advance Software Programming Techniques, Distributed Programming

MUM, Fairfield, Iowa, USA


Master of Science in Software Engineering

Coursework: Specification & Design, Management & Configuration, Software Quality

Technology University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Bachelor of Science in Computer Software Engineering

Coursework: Advance Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Database

Azad University of Shiraz, Shiraz, Fars, Iran



 Designing & Implementing Databases (MS SQL Server TM 2000 Enterprise Edition)

Developing XML Web Services and Server Components

Developing & Implementing Windows-based Applications with MS Visual C#

Developing & Implementing Web Applications with MS Visual C#

MCSD Courses


Developing/Implementing Windows-based Applications with MS C# and MS Visual Studio .NET

Developing XML Web Services/Server Components with MS Visual Basic .NET/.NET Framework

Designing/Implementing Databases with MS SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition

ü References available upon request