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  • To-Do List of BBA (April 6, 2008)
    With bloomed Requirements and some error report, BBA's developer build a spreadsheet to manage them and you can view the progress of them via it.
    BBA To-Do List and Requirements
    For such helper program is done in part time, developer can not full fill all the list items very quickly. But I promise I'll try my best to solve all the listed items.
    You can send me your request via Email or post it in BB's Forum (in BBA's thread).
  • Javasript Error with some users (April 4, 2008)
    Some of the users can not run BBA and the login process blocks at "Training......". This problem is caused by your firewall or other software which will block the contents from embedded in Buzzerbeater.
    There will be a version to solve such problem at middle of April (Maybe just a version exclude the Training).
  • New Version (V0.1 RC1) Released (April 4, 2008)
    After a lot of updates, BBA V0.1 contains more and more. This time, the new version is Release Candidate 1.
    The new added functions including Histroy chart of the Players and Weekly stats view.
    The proxy support is added but never tested because I do not have any enviroment. If you use the proxy support of the BBA, please send me the feedback whatever it can or can not retrieve the data.
  • BB WebSite abnormal (March 29, 2008)
    BB's Website does not work very well these days. I can understand them because I'm working in IT area too. If your BBA does not work very well, you can try executing again. If you have installed new BBA version (V0.1Beta2SP2), you can modify the file which names Replace "BaseURL=http\://" with "BaseURL= http\://" until the BB Website goes back.
  • New Version (V0.1Beta2SP2) Released (March 29, 2008)
    The new version fixes a very small problem which will block the training data downloading when network or system is too busy. I do not know the reason but I use other technology to fix the potential problem. If your BBA does not meet such problem, it need not to be reinstalled.
  • English Version Release (March 16, 2008)
    English Version of BBA releases today. Download platform and application and install them in the same directory.
  • English Web Site (March 06, 2008)
    Enpowered by Google Page Creator, the English version of BBA Web Site is opened today. And the Site will use the space provided by Google Page.
  • BBA English Version (March 05, 2008)
    The English Version of BBA and installation package will be released at March 16, 2008. The English Version of BBA Web Site will be ready before the release.
  • BBA Installation Package (March 05, 2008)
    BBA will use installation package to release the BBA application.
    The installation package will contain BBA Platform and BBA Application. The Platform will be slowly changed for it is stable and big. The Application can be used as new install or version update and it will be changed when new features available.