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--Tool for Buzzerbeater

--By gen i POCKET 







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  • Download the Java Environment from right side. Install it for BBA and all other Java applications.
  • To validate the Environment, input "java –version" in command line and ensure the version number is higher than 1.6.
  • Download the BBA Platform from right side. Install it into the folder without any non-ASCII character in its name. Platform need only be installed once until plarform update notice.
  • Download the BBA Application from right side. Install it into the same folder of Platform. Application can be used as new installation or version update. Current version is released at March 16, 2008.
  • Double click BBA.bat to start it.
  • You can get  Platform from here and Application from here if the download speed is too slow from right links.

How to Use

  • Input your username and password, choose your language used in Buzzerbeater, click Exec to begin the process.
  • Data downloading and processing will finished with "Finish" show in "Execution Process".
  • It will take a long time to retrieve the data and parse the info. If "Finish" is not shown after unreasonable period, there should be some error.Before reporting it, you can retry or check the internet or buzzerbeater website.
  • Other UI will be updated after finish data processing. You can view existing data when it is processing.


  • When update from current version, please check the folder of the new installation. If you select some folder, it will add "Buzzerbeater Amor" automatically. Please check and correct it if necessary.

Need Help

Send your message to for help or advice. You can send

  • Problems or Error of BBA.
  • New features you want to add to next version.

Java Environment Download
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BBA Platform Download
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BBA Application Download
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