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M.O.L.D. was a project developed by students from Arts & Design and Computer Science departments for the classes INF2607 (Animation for Computer and Games) from PUC-Rio's Computer Science grad school and DSG1432 (Computer Graphics and Technology for Games) from PUC-Rio's bachelor in Arts.

The game was developed in Unity 2.6 and it is a 3D re-imagining of the classic Space Invaders. For the INF2607 class, it was demanded that student modeled and animated characters were loaded into a scene in the Unity engine, while for DSG1432 students should recreate a stage from an 80's classic game. As both classes were using Unity for the first time (and I was watching the design classes as I knew some of the students), we decided to mix the assignments into one project involving students from both departments. So M.O.L.D. was born.

M.O.L.D. is the name of the player controlled cannon, used to destroy the alien invaders. It's also a recursive acronym for M.O.L.D.'s Our Last Defense.

At the end of this page, you may find the Windows compiled version of the game (best visualized in 1280x768) and the game design document (in Brazilian Portuguese). To start the game, press 2. To control the canon, use the left and right arrows to move, and spacebar to shoot. There is a 2-second delay between each shot, as M.O.L.D. is an old and rusty weapon. To play the game from your browser, follow this link MOLD - Unity Web Player

This project used a music made by the artist ZhayTee.


Engine: Unity 3D 2.5
Programming: Bruno Baère
Level designer: Arthur Protasio
Enemies modeling: Gabriel Lopes
Main character modeling: Bernardo Curvello
Texturing: Leonardo Meireles
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