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Arte Eletrônica

I had the opportunity to take this class from the Arts and Design Department from PUC-Rio, lectured by professor Rejane Spitz. It was a great way to experience new points of view, as the class was constituted by students from different parts of the world (Finland and Taiwan) and backgrounds (ranging from User Experience to Architecture), each giving its own contributions to the themes discussed. This class also put me in contact with Arts vocabulary and to know a lot of digital artists and projects that sparkled the idea for my dissertation.

I did two projects in the class: Digital Circadian Rhythm Mapping and a group composition using digital media as a basis for building a project on our area of specialty. Both projects are described below.

Digital Circadian Rhythm Mapping

For the first project, Rejane made us think about mapping events in our life to a circadian rhythm-like time map and make a musical piece, based in an article by Marc Jensen (Jensen 09) published in MIT's Leonardo Music Journal. In the original work, each musician had to map biological events of interest that happened in a day and then transpose these events to a 12 minute long musical score. Instead of mapping biological events, I decided to map digital events, specifically receiving and sending emails. Before going into the details of this work, we must first understand the concept of circadian rhythm.



Jensen, Marc (2009), Patterns of Living and Sounding, In: Leonardo Music Journal; Dec 2009, Vol. 19 Issue 1, pp. 107-108.

Group Project: Gameplay modifications