Hi, welcome to my personal site. If you arrived here, either you were looking for some info about me, or looking for some game in which I took part in as a developer, so the Projects section on the navigation bar to the left may interest you more.

Most of this site content is related to Computer Graphics and Games (my research interest). Occasionally I may put some info not related or vaguely related to these areas, but most of it will go to my blog, which has more personal than professional related content. I warn you that the blog is in Brazilian Portuguese and contains my personal view on some subjects, don't be mad about it.

In this site I present some of the projects I've worked (or have been working) since undergrad and during my M.Sc. in Computer Graphics at PUC-Rio, as some grad classes demand their projects to be documented on a web site. I'm trying to keep the content primarily in English, but I hope to have it in Portuguese (my mother tongue) as well as soon as I find a clever way of having a translation without duplicating pages. This entire site may one day be moved to a new host, and in such occasion viewers will be advised to move to the new URL.

Under construction. Some pages might be in Portuguese.