CC Adcock band will appear on "True Blood" on HBO, Sunday, November 9.

"CC" will be wearing lots of my stuff - concho belt and jewelry, rings, necklace. Also, in the band, is Jorma's nephew. You will know him by the tattoos.... This is a really cool vampire series, set in Louisiana swamps, with vampires as second class, matter of fact, citizens, with their own bar (fangtasia) and occasional interminglings with the locals who look down their noses at them. People who f**k vampires are referred to as "fangbangers" V blood is a highly sought after drug, you mix it with aspirin, which causes it to turn into a red powder that you snort and get an acid trip out of it. I am totally addicted to the show, can't wait to see the lads on there, they all look like they could be fanged anyway......

Post by Chaz, 31 October 2008

We've added a Video section to the website. Check out our first two videos. They feature Charles in Australia as Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005 and he wondered about the fate of his home.

Posted 19 October 2008

BazzFest in New Orleans: September 21, 2008
a Katrina Collateral Damage Party for Charles Bazzell

Why Collateral Damage?
New Orleans 2008 - one story
I lived better when I was a starving artist college student." Chaz

living with asthma amidst mold and mildew... roof unrepaired... unable to work in Katrina damaged art studio...  no working kitchen... cut off from tools of creativity... despairing over how to meet mortgage payments while struggling with insurance companies... losing friends to suicide... Desperate times, folks.

You may wish to visit websites of musicians and artists participating in BazzFest. Wish we had URLs for the rest.

One Eyed Jacks


George Porter Jr

Bad Roads

Leigh "Little Queenie" Harris

Johnny Sansone

Jon Smith

David Egan

Jesse Dayton & the Road Kings

John Mooney



Francis Pavy

John Geldersma