Bazi Destiny (八字命理) Life Analysis

The Chinese Auspicious Culture, "Zhong Hua Ji Xiang Wen Hua" (中华吉祥文化), consist of five main parts:

  • Fu, (fortune) signifying luck;
  • Lu, (affluence) for fame and recognition;
  • Shou, 寿 (longevity) for health;
  • Xi, (happiness) for joy;
  • Cai, (wealth) for abundance and riches.

The purpose of Bazi Destiny (八字命理) Analysis is to help a person discern about his/her life and what fate has bestowed upon his/her life journey in terms of Fu, (fortune); Lu, (affluence); Shou, 寿 (longevity); Xi, (happiness); and Cai, (wealth).

With this knowledge, you will be able to understand the elements that create life greatest opportunities for you, as well as, have deeper insights on the problems you have now or will face into the future. Having ‘Seek First to Understand’, you will then be able to make informed decisions on the appropriate actions to maximize your greatest strengths, minimize your weaknesses, create opportunities at the right time and avoid the threats that comes your way in the years ahead. Thus, you have complete control over your own fate. Your Free Will to decide and take actions will determine the relative level of high, average and low luck you will encounter and how smooth your life journey will be.

Case examples of Bazi Destiny Analysis can be found at 
Forecasting with Bazi 八字 (Four Pillars of Destiny)

Forecasting with Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny)