STE Enrichment

Program Goal - Science, Technology, Engineering

To expose students to topics in the areas of science, technology, and engineering (STE) outside the curriculum through demonstrations, hands-on experiments, project-based or challenge-based learning.

Program Description

Activities for each grade-level team will vary from year to year. 

3rd Grade STE

Update coming soon!

4th Grade STE

This year the 4th grade team will focus on hands-on experiments related to exploring energy in all its forms. Experiments may include:

  • Extracting chlorophyll from spinach and seeing florescence
  • Making a hovercraft from a CD and a balloon
  • Making a matchbox microphone from pencil leads, battery, and headphones.

5th Grade STE

The fifth grade science enrichment activities will focus on the physics, chemistry and biology of the marine environment. Some of our planned activities include:
  • Build a Better Sailboat: Let's explore the Bernoulli Principle by looking at sail shapes and design. This will culminate in an exciting sailing race!
  • Ocean Chemistry and Our Environment: In this session we will explore what current and historical measurements of pH, dissolved oxygen and temperature indicate about our changing atmosphere.
  • Dissection Day! In this experiment we will learn about the interesting body plan of this remarkable marine creature. Students will work in pairs to dissect and identify the body parts of a squid.