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Department Head:  Mr McNeilly

 Counsellors:  Mr Mondal, Ms Garito, Mr Parent, Ms Won and Ms Graves.

Guidance Secretary: Ms Chen 

The aim of the guidance department is to assist students to:

  • Choose a program that meets the requirments for a diploma and is best suited to their abilities, aptitudes, interests, and future plans.

  • Develop an awareness and understanding of themselves in order to clarify their educational and career options, as well as to engender an understanding of effective relationships.

We offer counselling in a friendly, non-judgemental environment, in the following areas:

1. Academic Counselling: Students can talk to a counsellor regarding their course selection options, problems with a course, extra help or any other academic issue.

2. Career Counselling: Guidance counsellors help students understand the pathways to the many career options available, including questions about which courses are needed in high school for a particular career, the other (non-academic) entrance requirements, such as portfolios, supplementary application forms and requirements for apprenticeship programs.

3. Personal Counselling: Guidance counsellors are always available when students need to talk to about personal issues that they need help with, in a warm, non-judgemental and confidential