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● September 09, 2006

We hear you... and a fix is coming!
Photobucket has been listening to you. We have heard the opinions and views expressed around the newest release. We are working on a compromise that will make everybody happy. It may take a few days to happen but here is what will be coming.

There will be two new 'options' listed in the upload panel. They will be 1MB max (for free account holders) and 2MB max (for Pro account holders). These will have no pixel restrictions, so that if you choose these options when uploading, your images will not be resized unless they are over the MB max allowed and in that case, the old resizing method will be used. As mentioned, it may take a few days so your patience in the meantime is greatly appreciated.

One other clarification, if you have an image that is 300x1000, and you have selected 1024x768, the image will not be squished or resized. We will always keep the aspect ratio of the image.

In addition to the resizing changes, here are a few other things that will be done in this upcoming fix.

1. Resizing resolution mentioned above
2. Upload multiple images via URL
3. Add descriptions on upload via URL
4. Fix animated gif resizing/thumbnail issue
5. Allow 20 image uploads at once again

We have also resolved some of the widget issues with Internet Explorer and saved widgets not showing.

I want to emphasize that we at Photobucket are continuing to improve the service over time. We realize we can't please everybody all the time but we are desperately trying :)

Thanks for listening and giving us feedback.

Alex (Photobucket CEO) and the entire Photobucket Team!


● April 14, 2006

New & Improved Photobucket
The Photobucket Team has been hard at work to make the site better for you! Along with a fresh new look we've increased all space, bandwidth, and video quotas so you can upload and link more of your images and videos.

Free users now get
-1GB Storage Space
-10GB Bandwidth
-1MB image size limit
-3 Minute Videos
-1,000 images or videos per album or subalbum

Premium users now get
-5GB Storage Space
-Unmetered Bandwidth
-2 MB image size limit
-5 Minute Videos
-1,000 images or videos per album or subalbum

Thank you for using Photobucket for all your digital content hosting! Stay tuned as we have more great features coming soon.

The Photobucket Team

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