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The Great T.R !

T.R at his best! One of the funniest videos you will ever see ! Don't   miss out on the ending of the video! 

 Aloo! Aloo!

Don't mess with Inzamam!

 Baby Lars Ulrich !     [wmv]  [887 kb]

Ther Baby version of Sad But True !

 Worst Marksman Ever !   [mpeg] [705 kb]

 Can you imagine a finish like this ?!

 What a goal by Baggio !   [wmv]  [2.73 mb]

Fifa 2005 Replay

 Vinu - Pro Skater   [wmv]  [765 kb]

Would have been funnier if Vinu had fallen !

 Bad day at the office  [mpeg] [416 kb]

Watch this guy smash his computer !

 Windows 98 Launch [mpeg] [1.46 mb]

The blue screen of death !

 Bill Gates Creamed !  [mpeg] [2.17 mb]

Somebody smashed a pie on Bill Gates' face !

 Crazy Chimp  [mpeg] [372 kb]

No description for this one! watch it !



"You've got to find what you love"[mp3] [17 MB]

Steve Jobs speaks at Stanford commencement. You can read the same here


South Park

South Park


" Screw you guys, I'm going home! "


Eric Theodore Cartman 


"You know, I learned something today..."


Kyle Broflovski


"Oh My god! They killed Kenny!"


Stanley "Stan" Marsh



Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick


Fixed - Media   [digi - fix earlier]

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Mr. Twig

Torrent Downloads. You will find all the episodes here.



Da Ali G Show Downloads

" Keep it Real! "


  Lando's Site

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Highly addictive game ! Check it out!


Stick Cricket

Great way to kill time!