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Nacho - Abigail (24/3/08)  

Aby gave birth to 14 tiny babies on Monday night. Unfortunately, one was either still-born or died shortly after birth, but the remaining 13 are doing well. So far Aby seems to be a great first time mum. Day 1-2: It appears there are 11 females and only 2 males at this stage.

 Took more photos of them on the 3/4/08, their colours are finally starting to show, and there's a lot of platinums, platinum agoutis and fawns. There is also one little blue boy. Aby is more than happy to show everyone her babies, and all are doing well. Will try and take some individual photos of them within the next few days.

Today, 5/4/08, managed to take some individual photos of the babies. Unfortunately only on a camera phone as my proper camera has been misplaced since I moved. All are still doing very well, and starting to show a bit of individuality....


 1. Female-buff, mm hooded                                                                                             2. Female-platinum, hooded 

(very good markings)                                                                                                            (rather straight, few spots)


 3. Male-blue, mm hooded                                                                                                   4. Female-fawn, mm hooded

(large back spot)                                                                                                                                       (side spot)



5. Female-Fawn Berkshire                                                                                                6. Female-Platinum Berkshire




7. Female-Platinum mm hooded                                                                      8. Female Platinum Agouti mm hooded

(spot over bag legs)                                                  (spot near shoulder) 




9. Male-Fawn Berkshire                                                                                                10. Female-Platinum mm hooded

(Bluish undertone)                                       (mid body spot)




11. Female-Buff mm hooded                                                                                           12. Female-Platinum mm hooded

(very straight but incomplete)                                                                                                       (distinctive markings)




13. Female-Platinum Agouti berkshire


Past Litters 

 Napoleon - Minerva (17/11/07)

 Mini gave birth to 7 plump and very noisy babies on 17th November. She has a huge nest and was very happy to show me her babies in exchange for a treat.


Took more photos today (22/11), all 7 are doing well and have grown quite a bit. I think there are 3 girls and 4 boys, 2 dark girls and 1 light one and the rest are boys.

 Today  (26/11) I managed to get some individual photos of all of them. Still looks like 3 girls and 4 boys. 2 of the champagne ones look like they're berkshires, one male and one female. Also it looks like one of the little black hooded girls has a black spot on her tummy. All are doing well.



        Girls                                                    Boys 


Took a few more photos today (28/11) , they're becoming more active and will now crawl onto my hand if I put it in front of them. I can now see spots on the tummies of 2 of the black hooded ones, the boy and 1 of the girls.


 This morning a few of them have just started to open their eyes, so I took a few more photos. The litter is doing very well.




Planned Litters

None at this stage.