Welcome to Crew 113

Crew 113 is located in Bayport, Minnesota, and was started a few years ago. Our Crew is chartered by Elks Lodge 179 of Stillwater, Minnesota. The Crew meets monthly on the second Thursday from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Currently, the Crew is planning to attend the 2012 Icelandic Jamboree, held in Reykjavik, Iceland. We love the outdoors. At our campouts, we backpack, canoe, fish, hike, swim, and target shoot along with many other nature activities.

Crew 113 is very proud of our Eagle Scouts. Over the years we have had many Boy Scouts earn the highest rank in Scouting. We encourage all of our Boy Scouts to pursue the trail to Eagle Scout, as well as the Bronze, Gold, and Silver Venturing awards.

The Crew is boy run, meaning that Advisors are just that, Advisors. They are present to offer advice and to keep the peace. The current leader, or Crew President is Zach B. When it comes to behavior problems, there are little to none. The crew members support and encourage each other to work and learn to their own potential. The troop is like a family, working like a well oiled machine. The older crew members teach the younger ones and in turn the younger crew members teach the older ones. Everyone is very close and friendly to each other.

How do I join Crew 113?
Crew 113 always welcomes new recruits! Just come to any one of our Crew meetings and see us in action. For more information, see Contact Us.
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