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Pestana Grand Hotel Madeira

pestana grand hotel madeira
    grand hotel
  • Grand Hotel is an album by Procol Harum, released in 1973.
  • The Grand Hotel, at 9 Princes Street, was the leading hotel of Auckland, New Zealand, from 1889 until 1966. With its vaulted ceilings, ornate mantlepieces, red carpet and marble statuary, the Grand Hotel was a plush and social rendezvous from its opening.
  • The Grand Hotel is a Victorian hotel in Brighton on the south coast of England. It is located on Kings Road, the main carriageway along the seafront; one of several major hotels along this road.
  • A fortified white wine from the island of Madeira
  • an island in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa; the largest of the Madeira Islands
  • a Brazilian river; tributary of the Amazon River
  • an amber dessert wine from the Madeira Islands
pestana grand hotel madeira - Madeira -
Madeira - The Atlantic Orchid
Madeira - The Atlantic Orchid
A tropical archipelago with a wonderful subtropical climate and breathtaking scenery, Madeira is justifiably known as ‘the floating garden’ or ‘Pearl of the Atlantic’. It is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, some 560 miles (900 kilometers) from continental Portugal and about 370 miles (600 kilometers) from the coast of Morocco; an outpost of Europe in the Atlantic Ocean. Forming part of the Archipelago are the inhabited islands of Madeira and Porto Santo plus small groups of uninhabited islands, the Desertas and Selvagens. The Island of Madeira is the largest of them. Madeira has a variety of rare attractions besides its luxurious blue skies and sea and its imposing valleys and mountains where plant life is abundantly diverse. The Island is famous for Madeira wine, embroidery artisans, 'Bolo de Mel', exotic flowers, tropical fruits, striking scenery and its spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks, considered the biggest in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. Add all this to its mild climate and it’s easy to see why the ‘Paradise Island’ has become the inspirational holiday destination of the 'old world'.

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Madeira Magic Gardens
Madeira Magic Gardens
and the Grand Hotel in the bottom. To go to this garden, public must by a ticket. Was designed, built and is mantained by my husband. The same with the hotel we can see here. I went for its inauguration when my baby - 3 years old - was 2 month and I took her with me. She was a big sucess.
Pestana Grand
Pestana Grand
A lovely hotel in a beautiful location - but the eagle-eyed among you may have spotted a crane in the corner - oh dear.

pestana grand hotel madeira
pestana grand hotel madeira
Oceans of Wine: Madeira and the Emergence of American Trade and Taste (The Lewis Walpole Series in Eighteenth-C)
This innovative book examines how, between 1640 and 1815, the Portuguese Madeira wine trade shaped the Atlantic world and American society. David Hancock painstakingly reconstructs the lives of producers, distributors, and consumers, as well as the economic and social structures created by globalizing commerce, to reveal an intricate interplay between individuals and market forces. Wine lovers and Madeira enthusiasts will enjoy Oceans of Wine, as will historians interested in food, colonial trade, and the history of the Atlantic region.

Using voluminous archives pertaining to wine, many of them previously unexamined, Hancock offers a dramatic new perspective on the economic and social development of the Atlantic world by challenging traditional interpretations that have identified states and empires as the driving force behind trade. He demonstrates convincingly just how decentralized the early modern commercial system was, as well as how self-organized, a system that emerged from the actions of market participants working across imperial lines. The networks they formed began as commercial structures and expanded into social and political systems that were conduits not only for wine but also for ideas about reform, revolution, and independence.