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The first Marcuzzi family home is located at the intersection of Pan de Azúcar and Tucumán streets downtown Cosquín. The house was constructed more than 100 years ago, and has remained in the family ever since. Left: View of the house as it is today.

The first owners of the house were Mr. Fernando García Montaño and Mrs. Matilde Novillo Cáceres de García Montaño from the city of Córdoba. The house was originally built by well-known local entrepreneur Próspero Molina, and bought by the García Montaño family in 1902 as their vacation home.

The family spent the summers here through 1958. Later, the house was abandoned.

The original ceilings were so high that they allowed for the house to be split in half, and have two storeys.  A big loft and two guest rooms were added as well as a full bathroom on the second floor.  The roof was handmade with quebracho wood and put together by Engineer Agustín Marcuzzi, my great-grandfather, who had come from Italy to construct a dam, and other public works in this area. It was finished in 1915 and remains intact and beautiful. 

 In the year 1968 Martha García Montaño, only heir of the house, sold this historic place to Ester Moyano Escalera de Marcuzzi, my mother and her niece, and was very happy to know that it would remain in the family. Although many original rooms are still part of the house, the additions and improvements made in the 70´s were significant. Many family members and friends have stayed at or visited this house along the years, and it is with immense pleasure and pride that we now open its doors to new visitors.

Summary of the history by: Paula Marcuzzi de Schmitz

Source: Pedro Audap Soubie García Montaño